CSI: New York is cancelled.

Anyone else more depressed now that it's September? I am, partly because I keep wondering if another couple seasons could have happened if CBS had treated the show better with advertising and timeslot. And am still bitter about last season...it wouldn't have killed them to greenlight 3 more eps, and yanking one was stupid.

Otoh, maybe we should be glad it ended and wasn't turned into the garbage LV is becoming. I know different writers, but they could have still ruined it, especially given Vassey's remarks. I doubt the switch-wedding would have gone off without season 9 and some of 8 having been different, but I would have disliked any breakup because when I ship, I ship hard lol. Darn writers need to quit thinking you can't have ships without drama. And in general, I'd rather end with good memories than " it was crap at the end" . (Yes I mean you, Angel and Merlin people).

On the upside, ordered a cast shirt from my bday gift card and got it..,idk if there are Stella era ones, this has Jo. I never knew they had more than logo shirts.

Now if only they had action figures..,i want my own Mac. I might sew one, but my skills are hit and miss so he may look weird.
I just keep reading the LV spoilers and thinking maybe we got lucky...idk if our writers were thst bad though. The Vassey remarks didn't bode well to me though.
I just keep reading the LV spoilers and thinking maybe we got lucky...idk if our writers were thst bad though. The Vassey remarks didn't bode well to me though.

Yeah, I've been reading some of those spoilers too and makes me glad it did get canceled. I do wonder how much pull GS has since he was the producer, maybe he could have suggested something else better.
The only thing that is keeping me going is seeing that CBS is not doing so hot with a lot of their new shows they've aired. *big grin* I mean The Blacklist crushed Hostages.

What did Vassey say? I must have missed it.
The stuff about hooking up Mac and Jo...one idea was a 200th ep wedding but it mightve been Christine or a fakeout where he actually married Jo. Or they might have gotten rid of Christine later and put him with Jo down the road had it got more seasons.

The first one is awful..l could buy the second but only if Mac retired since he is so big on integrity.
That is a terrible idea. Personally I always wanted Mac & Stella they had such great chemistry. Have to say never was a big Jo fan. Don't know she just rubbed me the wrong way. Though they could have done something better by having the 200th still be a wedding ep but with Adam and his girlfriend. Though she seemed a bit annoying.
I'm sad about NY, out of all of them that was my favourite. I used to watch Miami but went off that, and I didn't watch CSI as much. But I've gotten back into that since Ted Danson came into it. But yeah, I am disappointed about NY. Guess I'll have to finally write some NY fics I've been wanting to write for awhile now, instead to make up for it.
Well according to Spoilertv CBS has already cancelled We Are Men. Replacing it with Mike & Molly. Also on the chopping block Hostages & Mom. They have as of right now (airing) 5 new shows. 2 on the chopping block & 1 official cancellation.

I definatly see CBS going nowhere. Okay maybe I'm still a tiny bit upset over CSI:NY. The show was like my all time favorite show.
I'm upset but also glad that CSI NY got an extra season. Nine seasons is nothing to sneeze at and in a way,I'd rather it end the way it did versus sputter towards the end like (IMO) CSI MIami and Without A Trace did.
As a fan of Cold Case as well I can tell you that CSI NY got far better treatment from CBS then CC did.
I've been through the site and can't find any info (sorry if this is posted in the wrong place) but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the release date of Season 9 on DVD in the UK? To my knowledge it's been released in the States (but obviously on region 1) so if anyone knows I would be grateful. Desperate to complete my CSI collection. Cheers! :)
Duke, in the UK Season 8 came out in June but it's not consistent. Keep an eye on Amazon.co.uk. They're usually first to list when DVDs are available.
Waaah I know the videos had to come off Youtube eventually but it's still sad. And why do they make them private and not just take them down all the waya.
It's canceled, seriously? That's sad, we still get s9 aired on paid channel which I don't get to see anymore (you'll read about it soon on 'ranting' thread)
TNT is finally airing s9 but so late that I have to tape it. There is one ep left,have to see where they go then.