CSI: New York Icons #2 - Showcase, Links & Requests

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Oooh. I'm so glad I found this: I have like a gazillion:

CSI:NY : Oedipus Hex


100+ icons: click here!! Comment and credit
Radical618 said:
they're not loading.. maybe it's my computer though...
I'm really sorry... I think it's my fault :(

Now they work!!! I hope :lol:
I edited the post, so simply click on the same link!
The "oh she's beautiful" cap :lol:
Usually I make icons on sunday, so I'm gonna make it this weekend :(
But I'm sure there are a lot of artists here that can make it for you in few minutes!!! :cool:
I've got a request if it's possible... Could someone make me an icon of Lindsay from Season 2 espisode 14 "Stuck On You". The part where she's got the bow-and-arrow pulled back and is aiming? If anyone can I would greatly appretiate it!
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