CSI: New York Icons #2 - Showcase, Links & Requests

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[9] Mandy Moore
[22] Various CSI:NY Season One
[5] CSI:Miami

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rest this way
:lol: Chris...
You always find a way to impress me :lol:
You know once upon a time little me liked to think she's creative but not anymore.
Where do you get all your crazy ideas from? :lol:
Really the idea of the first one is hilarious

And the second one is just damn cute.
First of all it's one of my favorite Aiden pis and
Secon of all I like this little kicking-figure on the bottom
Matches the text (smart) :lol:
tanglewood14, you mean me? If yes, I´d like to see what you made of them. Could you please give me the link?

Alexx, eh - I guessed your fav would be #3. ;)

I´m glad you still like my ideas. I played with them for a long time. But I never dared to try them out.

You know how I came up with the first? Once upon a time. That´s so long. Just say "o(nce) u(pon a) t(ime)" You see? :lol:
The original idea for #2 was to let it say "rain told me to kick your ass". However this isn´t hypnotisazion. :lol:
Hi, I'd like to make a request please. I would like a Danny/Aiden icon with the following pics and saying animated together.

One this pic http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/8092/bonnieclyde1ry.png (or flashed before or after if you think it'll look better) I'd like Danny's and Aiden's face side by side and the saying "Bonnie & Clyde"

Then I'd like this pic with the saying http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/Imzadi83/DNA.jpg
"with (or "w/" if space is an issue) badges".

Thanks to anyone who attempts to do this for me. If I've made it too confusing just let me know and I'll try to clarify. Thanks :)
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