CSI: New York Icons #2 - Showcase, Links & Requests

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I´ve got an animation request. It´s complicated, so thanks so much to who ever´s brave enough. :D

Please take this picture: Pic

If possible I want it to be lightened up and sharpened first.

Then it would be really nice to have a clip in it on the right side in the middle.
Please take the scene where Aiden puts her badge on Macs desk.

Above the clip let it say "No goodbye..."
and unerneath "for badge bashers.". Italics welcome. :)
Various CSI:NY icons
More at LJ
:lol: I was just like "what on earth you're talking about!? 'I'm full of grace'" then I open my LJ and I get it. You're really 'Full Of Grace' :lol:
:lol: :lol: I still have no idea how to work the friggin thing! Thats why there is a total of two posts.

I was just over at your LJ and all your icons are fabulous! They looke great!
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