CSI: Miami Icons #2 - Showcase, Links & Requests

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Thread for CSI: Miami icons. Post your Miami icons here or make requests.


[x] Do not post more than three icons at the same time. Why? Because some of us use dial up and when you post lots of images it's hell. So if you've got more than three icons, I would appreciate it if for the rest, you posted the URL. Don't worry, people will see them anyway. I just don't want 50 posts in one page, all of them with dozens of icons. It's inconsiderate of those with slow connections. So remember, you can do a preview with one or two images, and either provide a link for where the rest of the icons are or copy/paste the URL onto your post. If you post more than three icons, I will remove the rest of the images off your post.

[x] Do NOT quote icons. Period. If you see an icon you like, simply tell the poster which one you're taking. If you have to quote for some reason, remove image tags. Quoting icons is rude and inconsiderate of those people who pay for their own bandwith. Don't do it.

[x] If you have an icon journal, icon site, photobucket account, etc, feel free to share the link with us.

[x] If you're sharing your LJ icons, make sure you provide us with your LJ name so people can credit you.

[x] Similarly, if you're taking someone's icon, make sure you give credit where credit is due. This is a small community and we all know each other. Don't tell people you made your icon if you didn't, we'll know you're lying.

[x] To be able to use an icon, you need 100 posts. So maybe it would be a good idea to wait until you've reached 100 to start taking icons. Why? By the time you make it to 100, you will have forgotten who created your icon, and maybe the person who created it wants you to credit him/her. So be patient.


- Miami Style - For CSI: Miami screen caps.
- Miami Icons - CSI: Miami icon community at LJ
- Icon Tutorial
- Textures
- Gradients
- Brushes

Happy iconing, everyone!
hey, can someone please make me a icon with a pic of emily procter saying 'Teh Miami Heat' please?? I dont have any pics on my computer(any pic will do) but if you would like me to post a pic i'll find one. thanks.
I gave it a shot >
Awww look at the talleighness! It lives! Wonderful icons saya_ray. Love the speed one he's got this whole. "yeah right" look on his face. Keep up the great work. Alexxwoods love your aiden icon as well.
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