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    Hello, there Talk CSI Community, I am CSI Los Angeles and this is my new CSI fan fic, CSI: Los Angeles. Here I will provide you with the episode list, the charcters, the introducing of new characters and most importantly, the stories. The opening tune is that of CSI: New York (The Who - Baba O'riley), and the charcters I have made through my imagination. I hope you enjoy CSI: Los Angeles Season 1.​

    I will, first, introduce you to the characters, then I will show you the episode list for CSI: Los Angeles Season 1 (including what the episode is about), then you will get to see the first episode, 'The Truth Behind a Lie'.

    Characters: Elizabeth Pierce (Casual Name: Ellie), Stella Hart, Jonathan Grey (Casual Name: John), Todd Usher, Amelia Evans, Vanessa Portland, Eddie Stewart, James Long, Alicia Fox, Bethany Talor, Justin Bourne and Mark Smith.​

    Episode List (with description):

    'The Truth Behind Lies' Se.Ep. 1.1
    A serial killer is on the loose in Los Angeles and is accused of the murders of Melissa Phoenix and Justin Johnson. They detain a suspect who they think caused the murders but lies about the evidence and seems to make it the perfect crime. But meanwhile, the team discoveres that there is a person imitating him as another body is found bearing the same cause of death as the others, but, the suspect for the first two murders is in the CSI Los Angeles HQ. What will be the truth behind the lies?​

    'A Strand of Hair' Se.Ep. 1.2

    'A Trace of Chicago' Se.Ep. 1.3

    'The Heart of a Murder' Se.Ep. 1.4

    'The Truth Behind a Lie' Storyline:

    -------Murder Scene------​

    *Woman walks out into a back alley and talks to a group of friends (Doesn't here words just the muttering of voices). A car stops on the curb and gets out carying two large bags. He dumps them in a large dumpster and quickly runs into the car and drives away.*
    Random Woman: Hey, what are you doing?
    *Group runs over to the dumpster and looks inside.*
    Random Woman: Oh my god! *the others quickly scream*​

    ~~~~~~CSI: Los Angeles Intro Theme~~~~~~​

    *Faint sound of police sirens, and talking around area. Car drives up with Justin Bourne and Bethany Taylor in. They both walk out and go over to Alicia Fox and Eddie Stewart who are already there.*
    Justin: So what do we have this time?
    Alicia: *Turns and looks up at Justin and Bethany.* Common homicide, but the very strange thing is, both these appear to have choked up a green substance. We can't figure out what it is.
    Beth: Phlegm. But how did it get there?
    Eddie: Eureka! This isn't the victims phlegm...it's the killers.
    Alicia: Swab it and we'll test it for a match in the lab.
    Justin: So what is the damage the killer caused?
    Alicia: Large, deep cuts on the fore-arm, severe brusing on the chest area, multiple stab wounds occuring around the necks and a unidentified wound on the shoulder.
    Justin: Which one suffered this?
    Alicia: *Looks down and then back at Justin*...Both.
    Justin: No differences whatsoever?
    Alicia: No, absoloutely nothing.
    Justin: Very strange. Are they ready to take back to the lab, and have you found any finger prints on the bags?
    Alicia: They are ready to take back and no, this killer was smart and wore gloves. The only thing that can give us a clue is the phlegm.​


    Please comment and rate, thanks.​
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    Hi, welcome to the site. :)

    The fic sounds great so far. I would like to make one small suggestion though, if that's okay. You might want to space/double space between each character's dialogue so that it's easier for readers to follow. But it sounds great so far. :)

    Please feel free to post in the Welcome thread. And there are many helpful threads throughout the FanFic section if you need them. :)
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    I like this so far. Will you write more? I wanna read :D
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    A great*exchange of information.

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