CSI Labor Day Marathon -Season 6

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On Monday Sept 4th (Labor Day) SpikeTV will be have a CSI marathon. Showing only season 6. Starts at 9am eastern time. :D
Labor Day lineup on Spike:
(All times Eastern. Check local listings for time and channel.)

9:00 AM Bodies in Motion
10:00 AM Room Service
11:00 AM Bite Me
12:00 PM Shooting Stars
1:00 PM Gumdrops
2:00 PM Secrets and Flies
3:00 PM Dog Eat Dog
4:00 PM Still Life
5:00 PM Werewolves
6:00 PM Daddy's Little Girl
7:00 PM Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye
8:00 PM Killer

This would be Season 6, episodes 1 thru 6 and 9 thru 14.
woohoo!! Im already begging my parents to stay home on Labor Day...wish me luck with that.
And I thought the commentary during the commercial was kinda funny:
"If season 5 was a lingerie model, season 6 would be its hot younger sister." or something to that affect.... :p
I'm excited too, there are some I haven't seen yet :eek:
I'll be here for Labor Day too!
My labor day is complete. And the hurricane should be well and gone by then, so I'm hoping for a clear signal... :D Thanks for telling us :)
YESSSS!!! I wasn't able to see all of season 6. (Too much homework in 8th grade.) And I'm gonna fit CSI in around 9th grade.

*runs around looking for tapes a week early*
I think I have to do the same Must watch all of Season 6 this Labor day cause WELL HOMEWORK AND SCHOOL *Sighs* I have to start taping 7 as well.
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dog eat dog is gonna be on next thursday!! And I cant wait to see the marathon even though I saw all the eppi's!
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yay! marathon! and to think i was dissapointed that i was going to calgary this weekend man a csi marathon what more could a girl ask for :p
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SWEET! Im soo excited because I just started watching CSI half way through season 6!!(exactly half way :lol:)
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