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Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

I must not have recieved the following icon, but I'll put it up now: in the future, if I don't respond to your icon entry, please PM and ask if I have them or not, because I'd hate to leave out an icon again.


Any suggestions, guys? Please?
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"


Lilly, maybe I'm wrong, but I think this theme was a bit hard for beginners. Look at the entires, and how most of them were made with more than one cap. I don't think beginners can do that easily. Granted that it wasnt mandatory to use more than one cap as long as it fitted the theme, but I do see it would be easier to do so for 'changes', and so seem to most people who entered. Well, maybe this is just me :rolleyes:
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

#01 (great idea)

Lilly, I really don't know. You are doing a great job, as you said finding interesting themes, perhaps providing some screencaps would help, but no guarantee.
I have the same problem now, just try hanging on. *hugs*

(P.S.: I added the missing icon to the others, hope that was OK ;) )
Re: CSI Icon Challenge- "Changes"

Thank you to Dani and Vera for your suggestions. Dani, I didn't even think of that, but you're right. This is probably a harder theme, as I can see, and next time I'll try and consider the difficulty in choosing themes. Thank you.

Vera, thanks for your support *hugs*. I agree with you, screencaps do make it easier, and I haven't been putting them up because I felt that most of the themes I come up with should be entries made with screencaps of the icon-maker choice, but for the next one I'll put screencaps up.

I'll close voting around Wednesday-Thursday, guys. :)
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