CSI Drinking Game

I've got to do this game!

Drink an entire bottle every time a crime pertains to the personal life or past of someone on the CSI team.

Take another drink if it affects their performance or objectivity on the case.

Take another drink if they have an argument or heart-to-heart with another person on the team about it.
There is a Horatio Caine Drinking Game, can't remember where i found it but it's like so many swigs when Horatio does something, just don't try it while watching a music video on YouTube, his favourite sunglasses having you drinking for England!
-drink everytime ryan acts like horatio
-drink everytime ryan firlts with callegih
-drink everytime ryan wears an orange coloured shirt
- Drink everytime Nick sympathizes with a victim or a victim's family
- Drink everytime Grissom quotes William Shakespheare
How about... Take a swig of the most alcoholic drink near you whenever Sara Sidle has to process a car.... God knows she's processed the most cars out of all of them.[/quote]

Ironic, no?

-Take a drink everytime you miss Sara in order to drown your sorrows! aka drink steadily!
Bluto: My advice to you is to start drinking heavily! -Animal House
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