Caption Game - Miami Style Pt 3

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Another 3 -way tie! :guffaw:

Ok, here's what we're gonna do. We will re-vote ONLY on these 3 winning captions. I'll leave this voting period open for 24 hours.
Here's the captions.....

4. Eric: Cal, I got paw prints on this railing.
Cal: Oh, there's the culprit. Here kitty, kitty.

5. Eric: "Hey Cal, I found another chocolate covered mini-doughnut over here. Looks yummy"!
Cal: *Talking with her mouth full* "They....are..mfgh...delicious..." *swallows last bite* "Oooh, I found another one over here, it's mine!"
Ryan (Off camera): *Also talking with his mouth full* "You know..mrph...of...all of H's crazy ideas....for team bonding, zfmf..., I must say, this scavenger hunt is sweet!"
H (Off Camera): "Guys, c'mon, less talk, more hunt please"

7. Cooper: *off-screen, wailing* Someone stole my tutu! We've gotta catch 'em! I need my tutu baaaaack! *sobs pitifully*
Eric: *rolling eyes* We're dusting for prints as fast as we can. Get a grip.
Calleigh: Don't you worry, Dan. We'll get it back in time for your recital.
Cooper: *sniffling hopefully* You... you really think so?
Horatio: *off-screen* We know so, Mr. Cooper. Because that's... *dramatically slips on his sunnies* ...what we do. *quickly exits scene*
I'll go with #5 this time. Gotta love any chance of team bonding...even if it is made up in a caption. :p
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