Caption Game #2 - Shipper Central Style

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Lindsay: Look Donnie..

Flack: What?

Lindsay: When I said I wanted to get a little more adventurous in our love life, this isn't what I had in mind.
Lindsey: You did WHAT?

Flack: Danny said you were getting a little tired lately, so...I brought something to help you guys out.
Flack "Urm....I think I've lost the detachable tongue"

Lindsay "Why did you detach it?"

Flack "Come on you think I'm not going to use this to mess with Danny,"
Lindsay: I know our job takes up a lot of our time, that we usually miss out on romance, dating, flirting, socializing in general, etc... but SERIOUSLY? A DOLL?

Flack: Hey, I've got needs. DON'T JUDGE!
L: Like you actually had to bring her with us to the Irish pub?

F: But, look... she even has matching clothes!

L: Ya...right:devil:
:)No prob's. If you like, you can make a Caption:)

To 1CSIMfan, if you could open the new thread around 10pm for me, that would be great.:)


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You can put the voting up whenever you want. ;)

I've opened up the new thread. I can be found here. I'm going to unpin this from the top of the forum, too.

I am closing this one.
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