Caption Game #2 - Shipper Central Style

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Here is your winning Caption:lol:

Sara: ~indignantly~ Is that your hand on my butt?

Grissom: Uhhhhh, No, it's my gun. I'm happy to see you.:p

Okay CoachMom, you have 24hrs to post the next Shippy Pic on CSI:Miami:cool:
Woot! Going off in search of a fab. pic. Be back soon....

I'm baaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk! Try this one....
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Eric: No... not this.. this one doesn't have it either.

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Eric: None of these products have anything to get rid of that 'special problem' you gave me.
Ryan: *thinking* Look at the way he handles that. Why can't he handle me like that?
Eric: *in a husky voice* Ryan, will you get these back to the lab and I'll see you later
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