Board upgrade details


Talk CSI has been successfully upgraded to version 6.5.2 of the ubb.threads software.

I've also been busy adding various new things. Here's a list of them, including... PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS!

6.5.2 board software
As mentioned above, the messageboard is now on the latest (and final) version of ubb.threads, 6.5.2. It's involves fixes, not new features, so there's probably nothing of interest here (although allegedly it offers better new post tracking),

Signature form counter
Something small... but don't you get fed up with typing in your signature, but it then saying it's too long? Now you get a count undernearth the signature form box telling you how many characters you have left as you type. [Reported not working in Firefox, will investigate].

New spoiler code
When you post, you'll notice a 'Spoiler' option in the 'Instant UBB Code' area. Click it, follow the on-screen instructions and then you get super-duper spoiler code as follows:

He's a hotty, in case you didn't know.

AutoAdmin avatar remover
Think of this as the grim reaper of avatars. If your avatar isn't appearing properly, or is the wrong size, AutoAdmin will remove the avatar. This will ensure a good browsing experience for all our users. [Beginning soon...]

PM space used
You can now see at a glance how many PMs you are storing and your total allowed amount under 'My Home'.

Takeover ads
As you may have seen, Christian has put takeover ads on Talk CSI (ads that come up once a day that show in the entire browser window (you can choose to view the ad, or click on through). These are now on only specific pages, to avoid problems that have occured on TrekBBS with these ads.

Quote fix
As noticed by Destiny, when you click 'Quote' to reply to someone it now actually says who you are quoting.

Premium memberships
We have these over at TrekBBS, but now they make their debut here at CSI Files. In fact, if you become a premium member you'll get a lot more than TrekBBS users currently get (but they'll get these features soon) because these are the first time they have been implemented.

Why premium memberships?
This server costs money to run, pure and simple. By becoming a premium member you are helping to invest in the site and keep it on tip-top equipment rather than 486 SXs! As a thank you, CSI files will then give you a number of goodies in return.

What goodies?
They are as follows:
  • No ads. The banner along the top, the banner down the right, Google ads, Amazon ads, takeover ads -- they all go. We offset this lost income through the premium membership cost, so a fair exchange is no robbery. :)
  • Custom title. A title of your choice under your name.
  • Avatar upload. Having trouble with your own webspace, or don't have your own webspace? Upload your avatar to the CSI Files server. (Plus: you do not need to post 100 messages to have an avatar if you are a premium member.)
  • More private messages. Private message storage space is limited to 150 for standard users, but premium members can store up to 300 messages.
  • More signature space. Normal users can have 150 characters in their signature, but premium members can have 250 characters.
  • Premium Members' Lounge. A forum just for premium members. Like a secret society, but with no special handshake.
  • Website link. Like you see under my name. If you have a website, you can have a link to it.
Whether you are a premium member or not, your current status is available under 'My Home'.

Christian may wish to post about the premium member service specifically, but hopefully that gives you an idea.

There will be a few more tiny tweaks over the next couple of weeks, but if you notice anything major please say in this thread.

Board upgrade: February 26 update

The improved search engine is now back online, offering quicker more efficient board searches.

Premium members can now set a custom title under their name. To do this go to My Home > Edit (personal information).

There have also been lots of little fixes here and there.