"Blood Moon" Discussion **SPOILERS**

I apologize for being kind of late for this discussion. This episode seems alright, though, I'm not at all familiar with delusions of being werewolves or a vampire. So, I wouldn't know if such disorders or disease actually exist.

I wasn't surprised about Cath and Vartan, since there has been lots of talk about their relationship, so I've been spoiled enough. Or because I couldn't watch some episodes, including the end, from last season. I'm loving funny exchanges between Nick and Greg, even the mentioning of vomit while Nick is eating. And Greg's vest = :p!

I just couldn't keep a straight face when wolfman was being interrogated by Nick and Ray. With the "mortal enemy" and "shift on a full moon" speeches and the looks each of them have. Too much :rommie:. And "aswang"! Growing up most of my life in an English-speaking place, I hardly know about most words in my native country (The Philippines). This reminds me of Warrick finding "balut" (which is actually pronounced baw-loot than bawloht like Warrick did) in the Go To Hell episode. It actually means duck fetus eggs, which I used to enjoy as a kid, now I can't even touch them because of what they are. Duck fetus eggs. :eek: So, that nasty-looking thing in the kitchen that Warrick found was so not balut at all. Is there a Filipino crew member in CSI, or what?? And George/Nick is there on both occasions, and he does look a little Asian/Pacific Island-like to me and not full Texan. It makes me wonder. :wtf:

As for Ray's grip on the suspect, there should have been back-up, and someone else to apprehend wolf boy, even for someone who's been stabbed and lost a kidney. Hopefully, this will be a rare moment on Ray's part for moments to come. I don't really know him that much, with the exceptions of stories about him being part of some killings of patients, I don't really remember. There's some kind of mystery, and somehow dark one, to Ray, that I hope would be revealed sooner or later as to why he is sometimes the way that he is. At least, he's not always in my face and I wouldn't cringe much at the thought of him getting rough with a suspect occasionally, like Eric Delko in Miami does especially to a suspect dying of poisoned food.

Everyone in CSI have had their bad moments, and I wouldn't be too quick to say that they have anger issues. If they didn't have bad moments, then that wouldn't make the show interesting, now would it? I rate this a 7.8 out of 10.
I don't really know him that much, with the exceptions of stories about him being part of some killings of patients, I don't really remember.
Ray wasn't really part of that; he was the pathologist at a hospital where an "angel of death" was killing patients, and he failed to catch it in his analysis of the deaths. So he wrote a book about it, and that's how he came to teach the serial-murder class at UNLV, which is how he came to be connected to the CSIs through his questioning of Nate Haskell.
And George/Nick is there on both occasions, and he does look a little Asian/Pacific Island-like to me and not full Texan. It makes me wonder. :wtf:

He doesn't look Asian/Pacific Island-like. I don't see it. He was born and raised in Texas. He is Greek and that's what he looks like. I'm sure he's other nationalities, but he takes after his mom's side which is Greek.

I'm half German, but take after and look like the Irish side of my family.
Okay you know I have watched this episode several times. ;).

As for Ray's 'anger' I don't think that was necessarily anger, but frustration. I think it was also uncalled for in that scene. He wanted to show he could take on the scary Wolfs that were terrorizing the patrons of the cafe. That's all I read into it. I really don't think Ray would jeopardize his blossoming CSI career by actually attacking a suspect.

As for Catherine finding a decent man, that was the whole point of the opening scene. She has found one. And the writers showed us how much they like each other. And not just in the bedroom. Lou wants her to move in with him. Although what he said came straight out of fan fic, he wants her in his life.
The ending proves that Cath wants him too. She wants to take it show and not ruin it with stupid petty arguments like who forgot to empty the dishwasher.

I can see why this episode was sort of so-so for some people. The vampire/werewolf thing is a bit overdone. But as for the more personal aspect of it, I think it was spot-on. Not only with Catherine and Vartann but Ray and Nick's comical banter in the hotel room and Sara and Nick in the woods. The team is slowing regaining their original chemistry. This episode was just the beginning, IMO.
I loved this episode, a total favorite. The vampires and werewolves. The event where Ray and Nick went, so many funny moments and dialogue. Some sad strange moments too. Can't wait to see it again:thumbsup:
Didn't really care for this episode the first time I watched it.
I'm with you on this episode...not one of my favorites from this past season. It's weird how they are jumping around the season in showing repeats.
I didn't dislike this one. As a Nick fan, I thought there were a lot of good scenes with him. I don't watch any other vampire shows, so it didn't seem like overload for me, but I can see where it might if one was a fan of True Blood, Vampire Diaries or other such shows also.

I do wish they would have just stuck to the season in order :lol:
It's been this way with the other shows I watch too, some were in order and others were just jumping all over the place. I've seen several other season finales twice before the shows went back to their season premiers, so it's not just CSI :p

I will, of course, watch this again, especially for the Nick parts :devil:
I sort of liked this episode, as with all episodes between 9.10 and 11.22, they do have their down point(s). I loved the Nick scenes, and Catherine was awesome as always. I'm not a big fan of repeats, but I won't be skipping this episode on September 27 when the boxset comes out :D
I think I'll be watching this episode just for the first 3 minutes. :drool: :luvlove:

The rest of the story was... meh. But the Catherine/Lou scenes were very realistic and the scene at the end rivals the opening scene.
Hodges giving advice was hilarious too. :lol:
On the word "whimsy" this to me had a bit of that. Ray and Nick were both so great,at that vampire convention, funny too As far as Ray being 'dark' he had his enchanting, silly, funny moments too. and the rest of the team as well. So vampires and werewolves don't mix so well do they? Enjoyable episode all the way around:bolian:
Rewatching the epi last night I was again struck by how I really liked some moments and really felt disappointed during others. The two guys at the convention sales floor was enjoyable, but the same duo interrupting a memorial service and being so flippant was for me sad and, I would hope, out of character.