Become a CSI



Would you like to become a CSI ? And why ?
Life beats the movie so i think in real life cases won't be so easy and would take a lot of time to solve one. And sometimes i thing you may overlook some evidence ... i don't know really ... but i think that being a CSI , or anyking of police ( detectives .. not patrol or that kinda' ) is really hard.

But if i would have the Opportunity i would take it . And i would really have to choose it good. I`m still young ..i mean 16 years future isn't decided yet . I maybe i would try to get a job in forensics ...

What do u think about it ? Would you like to became :p a C S I ?
well i'm going into university for forensics in the coming fall. i think i'll like working as a forensics person. when i graduate i think i will like to get a job on the graveyard shift because i love staying up all night and don't really wake up untill 9pm. i think it would be a great job for me. i love csi!