Banner Sizes - all with Banners read


Guys, this is getting to be a bit much. If you don't want to lose the fun of having banners, you need to have them NO larger than this one (and believe me, smaller is better!):


Thank you. I am PMing folks about theirs as I see them.

Note: This is a good one:

OK, I finally decided on the largest size that would be acceptable without me ripping my hair out.

75 in height, 220 in width.

So please adapt yours accordingly please.

I'm trying to allow you all to have them. If you cooperate and don't make it a headache, we can do this. If not and the board gets cluttered, I'll have the privilege withdrawn.

I'd rather we all be happy, so please adjust your banners if they're oversized. Thanks!
Note: Due to things getting a bit cluttered, I'm going to ask that either you have a banner (with the dimensions no more than 220 in width, 75 in height) OR you have a text signature, but NOT both.