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Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by Faylinn, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Episode Title: "Bad Blood"
    Episode Number: 1503
    Synopsis: "Sara and Greg are quarantined after responding to a crime scene that's contaminated with a deadly pathogen."
    Original Airdate: October 12, 2014

    Written By: Tom Mularz
    Directed By: Louis Milito

    Guest Stars:

    • Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie)
    • Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell)
    • Rick Otto (Jack Weaver)
    • James Lesure (Dr. Emmett)
    • Lauren Stamile (Dr. Heather Lanning)
    • Walter Perez (Rudy Adela)
    • Jake Richardson (Shawn Steubens)
    • Hugo Bianqui (Village Elder)
    • Paula Francis (TBD Paula Francis)
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    I thought I'd find a comment on two here, but...

    I found it to be a decent episode. I don't remember another similar one with a virus. Good overall quality and teamwork. It's great to finally see Morgan with 50% less makeup on her, as she looks like a normal person now and is no longer distracting.

    Perhaps not an exactly memorable episode, but watchable with its special moments here and there.

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