AutoAdmin is coming! Information on your avatar.


Cower in fear, because AutoAdmin is coming over from The Trek BBS to Talk CSI. :)

AutoAdmin is an automated system that will check avatars are compliant with board rules, and remove them if not. Just a reminder of what your avatar should be:

Avatar dimensions
The board automatically scales down your image to no more than 100x100 pixels. The source image must be no larger than 300x300. However it recommended that you scale your avatar down in an image editing program first for best results.

Avatar sizes
GIF files must be no larger than 60K (61,440 bytes). PNG and JPEG files must be no larger than 20K (20,480 bytes).

Certain hosts are banned, and you must not link to images on those servers. They are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If your avatar is on one of these services, it will be removed. You need to put the avatar on your own web space. Or, if you are a premium member, you can upload it to the CSI Files server.

It must work
If your server is on the fritz, and the image isn't working when AutoAdmin checks, then it may remove the avatar. If you find this happens just add your avatar again (if you're sure it is working).

You will receive a PM from AutoAdmin if your avatar is removed, and it will also explain why it's removed. If you need help, post in the QSF forum for assistance.