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Hi everyone. Just a quick reminder that as stated at the beginning of this thread, shipping videos should be posted in Shipper Central. There is a thread for them here: Shipper Vids

Thanks! :)
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Nice video! Alot of action was in the this season, I need to sit down and watch the whole thing again hehe!
i have some videos found from a dutch program(i look always to that program and its really fun), thats doing people exactly like how they are in the show, how do you say that, sketces.

i put link you must look at time 2.24 little piece of csi miami or watch the clip, the csi miami part in englisch:
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Alright guys I managed to finish my CSI Promo! Make me happy and tell me whatcha think! Watch, comment and sub! Love ya guys! Whew...can't wait till finals are OVER!

That was amazing!!!:thumbsup: I loved it.

Ok so this is my question for the videos where do you all get the episode clips from? I'm working on a video and I can't find where to get episode clips.

Can anyone help me please?
Ok incase some of you haven't seen the last Timmy Time video i done her it is just for you and please make sure you have your tissues ready because its a tear jerker! Sorry! song just called to me and well you know i have to answer when the call comes like batman! I promise i am going to do an ubeat Speed vid. Next !
Wow, it's been a long time since there has been a post in here!!! But anyway, I figured I'd share my youtube channel... it's all Ryan related, though. :D I usually post two or three new videos a week.

Blinded By Smoke

Would love to see more videos too!!!