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    Some of you may say "what social groups?" which is part of the problem.

    After the test of social groups, taking in your feedback, talking to mods and -- most importantly -- monitoring their usage, I have decided to close the social groups feature.

    I thank all of you that have used it, and given it a go. But they are not getting much use, and on the whole what they do can be achieved in the main forums. And there is always a risk that social groups will be a distraction, and potentially take forum traffic away.

    But I will speak with Bonzy and the mods about potentially introducing some new forums to cover specific topics -- and the social groups have allowed some insight into what you want.

    As a small consolation, I will be introducing some further customisation options for your bio/info pages and the social networking (i.e. connecting with friends) will remain.

    When the groups will close
    I will close the groups down on Wednesday 13 August -- just to give you a few days to copy any messages that you want to keep. The social groups will then be closed and removed -- any content will not be retrievable.

    If you have any comments please post them here.

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