Announcing daily maintenance


First the good news. I am committed to keeping the server up and running, and covering all eventualities. To that end I will soon be running daily backups of all the databases. In short, that means that the Talk CSI will be backed up daily on the server. Then if a disaster was to befall it, the most we'd lose is a day's worth of data.

Now the bad news. The boards don't run at all well when backup is taking place. They come to a halt, and that in turn will slow down the backup process. So, Talk CSI will be shut for a period every day.

What it means
In addition to Sunday maintenance, there will now be daily maintenance. It too will take place at 9am GMT (4am ET, 1am PST). It will not be full maintenance like Sunday, so should be quicker (I estimate 20 - 30 minutes per day).

It sucks to have downtime, but it sucks more if we lose data. This way we will get daily backups on the server itself, and weekly off-site backups if something really bad happened. Better safe than sorry.

If you have any questions please direct them here.