Adobe Flash security hole


A security hole has been found in the Adobe Flash player (aka Macromedia Flash) that could allow a malicious party to take control of a user's PC through a Flash file.

It affects version and earlier. You can find out what version you are on here:

If you have an affected version, you can download version 9 here:

The reason I post this is because many of you here are frequent internet users, and Flash is very prevalent on the web. Furthemore it won't come as part of a Windows update yet, and even then will only be for Flash installed as standard for IE -- it will not cover Firefox users etc.

This is is all rather convenient for Adobe, to get people on the latest Adobe-branded player. :D But those that want the techy details, they are here.

Please note that this is purely 'friendly advice'. It is up to you to deal with this information as you see fit, and we cannot offer any further advice or help.