Add A Line...NY Style #2


Head of the Graveyard Shift
Add A Line #1


Please remember this is Add A Line. This means you follow the quote before yours.

This is not a Role Playing game. IT's one line, per person, followed by the next.

Most important, have fun.:lol::guffaw:

Remember it don't have to be serious, it can be funny, or way out there.

GNRF's quote
are you gonna do when you get out there?"

Adam shrugged again and Don grabbed him, pulling him back toward the others...

Followed by mine......

when he seen another giant three headed spider crawling towards....
Stella pulled a machete out of her bag and began to chop down the web, releasing the other two women.

Mac looked at her in shock and said...
a snake crawled toward Lindsay who screamed. Danny grabbed the machete from Stella, slicing the snake in half as Lindsay said...