A one shot..."Seal our Fate Forever" (DuCaine)

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    A one shot...."Seal our Fate Forever"
    By(LMH) MacsLovlyAngl

    This is a short one shot done in Story and Poetry on DuCaine. A couple who are truely in love.

    It was a another night of loneliness for Calleigh as she opened the door to her empty apartment. Walking inside she threw her keys on the table, let down her hair, stripped out of her clothes and headed into the shower.

    As the spray washed away her aches from another tiring day she cried. Cried from the loneliness, the sadness of no longer being able to work with Horatio. Calleiegh couldn't understand why everyone was trying to keep them apart.

    They had the chemistry, the action, the dynamics of a fantastic dual.

    Stepping out of the shower she wrapped herself in a towel and walked into her room. Reaching into her drawer she pulled out a huge photo album.

    Looking inside she seen all the poetry she had written about her Horatio. Laughing to herself she thought....'If he only knew how I felt." Searching the book she came across the poem that had started her feelings towards him.

    "Oh my Horatio, my knight, my fire.
    How I wish you knew, you were my only desire.
    To touch and to hold, to caress and too kiss.
    Under the moonlight, in heavens sweet bliss."

    "Watching the stars, in the midnight sky.
    As you wrap me tight, in your arms delight.
    Whispering your heated breath upon my ear.
    Telling me, "My Calleigh you have nothing to fear."

    As the tears began to build again she closed the book, layed her head on her pillow and fell into sleep.


    Horatio had finally finished his paper work. closing the last case file he locked them up, put on his sunnies and headed out. Just as he neared the door, he seen a piece of white paper on the hall floor. Picking it up, he opened it and noticed it was in Calleigh's handwriting. Heading back into his office, he took off his sunnies, sat down and began to read.

    "How I love thee Horatio, with eyes of passionate blue.
    I just wish I could tell you, how I hate that they keep me from you.
    From your compassion, your fire, your need and desire.
    From the way you used to call me sweetheart, lighting my fire."

    I miss all the tenderness, the warmth of your quiet voice.
    That kept a smile upon me, even when my anger left me no choice.
    But to laugh, to cry, to call you handsom once again.
    Seeing you shyly wonder if you should start or begin."

    By telling me, voicing to me, how you truely feel.
    About the two of us compassionately loving for real.
    But now I'm so afraid we will never ever be.
    Cause those evil higher ups, won't allow us to be free."

    To explore, to begin, to prove our love is true.
    To sensually show them, we need each other to get through.
    Oh please Horatio, please hear my sweet plea.
    Enchantedly telling you, to come to me."

    With a tear in his eye, Horatio folded up the paper and placed it in his pocket. Grabbing his sunnies once again, he headed out the door. Unlocking his hummer he got in and just sat. It was at that moment he felt these words come.....

    "My sweet, sweet Calleigh, of my empty heart.
    I never realized I was tearing you apart.
    I never realized the feeling was there.
    Deep in my heart, so passionately unaware."

    "I just hope I'm not to late, to turn it around.
    To let you know, our love has finally been found.
    What I thought I lost, was always still there.
    God...why was I so frightened and scared?"

    To tell you I've always loved and needed you.
    To tell you I've never ever forgotten it was you.
    Who kept it all together in our saddened hearts.
    Forever and always, it was you who stopped me from falling apart."

    Knowing he had to see her. Knowing her couldn't wait. He started the hummer and drove to her place. When he arrived he seen it was dark. Thinking she was asleep, he decided to take a walk along the shore.

    As he neared the the first Lifeguard station, he seen her. Standing under the moonlight, as her hair flowed in the gentle breeze. Quietly walking up to her he whispered...."Sweetheart?"

    Hearing the familiar voice, she was to frightened to turn around. The last thing she wanted was her Horatio to see her tears. As she stood, she could feel her heart race, her breathing become shallow.

    "Sweetheart, please look at me."

    Slowly facing him, he seen her tears begin to pour, her body begin to shiver. Reaching for her, he embraced her in his warm arms. Just holding her, cherishing her, trying to find the right words to speak to her.

    "My beautiful Calleigh, why did you never tell me?
    Why did you keep it hidden, locked within you?
    You should have known, I would have been there.
    To passionately answer you, together as we shared."

    "Our feelings , our desires, our needs and wants.
    Our comfort, our pain, that has been driving us insane.
    I'm here now Calleigh, please speak to me now.
    Please tell me of your feelings, your love I've now found."

    Laying her head against his shoulder, she realized he had found one of her poems. To nervous, to unsure to look him the eyes. She recited her words into his chest.

    "Horatio, my Knight, my Prince of my dreams.
    How I've waited for this moment, for you to believe.
    How much I love you, I need you, to live, to breathe.
    To help each other survive, in our lonely scenes."

    "No longer do I want them, to keep us apart.
    No longer will I allow them, to tear apart our heart."
    Together as one, we can fight, we can unite.
    As husband and wife, forever in our lives."

    Taking his thumb, he lifted her chin and looked into her sea green eyes.

    "My Calleigh, my Angel, my only true love.
    I promise you these words, forever to be written above.
    That you are my soulmate, my fire, my only sweet wife.
    From this moment forward, we will be DuCaine forever in life."

    As their tears rained softly from their eyes. Horatio lowered his mouth to hers and whispered in the moonlight...."Kiss me my Calleigh. Seal our fate forever."

    Softly, delicately touching her lips to his, they kissed in wild abandon, closing off the world, and as they parted he took her hand, walking her across the sand to her place. Opening the door, he picked her up and carried her to her room.

    Once there, he placed her on the bed, stood up, walked over and shut the bedroom door. Leaving us to wonder how magical their night must have been.

    The End.
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    That was very good. Loved the poems.
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    *worships* You have no idea how much I appreciated and LOVED that story LMH. You write incredible poetry and have an extensive poetic language that I could never even dream of aquiring. This story demonstrates your talent in poetry and I loved it. (Especially since it's DuCaine).

    Even though I know you aren't much of a shipper anymore, come on down to the DuCaine thread every now and then. We miss you :)

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    wow nice *does Wayne's World bow* You rock
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    Linda I just love your poetry...I should really start going back to the Poems thread :D
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    Thank you all for your amazing words and comments. I'm so happy it brought you alot of pleasure and enjoyment. I'm working on another one, but I don't want to give it away.;)
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    "Lost in your Eyes."

    DuCaine One Shotby MacsLovlyAngl

    Calleigh got the call at 3am. She knew it was a bad one. For a famiy of seven had been slain.

    "Oh this is going to be such a tragic sight,
    I only hope my Horatio will be by my side.
    To look in my tearful, sorrowful green eyes,
    telling me without words, it will be alright."

    As she arrived at the crime scene, she seen Eric and Natalia processing the three innocent children in their beds.

    "Eric...have you seen Horatio? Is he near yet?"

    "Not yet Calleigh. But if you want, you can help process. The mother and father are in the next bedroom. Or you can process the two boys down the hall."

    "Thanks Eric. I'll get started on the parents."

    Calleigh knew there would be no way she could handle processing children. Not while she was pregnant with Horatio's child. As she looked upon them, she could feel the nausea begin.

    "Oh my, this is so heartbreaking to see,
    so much evil and violence, in front of me.
    How could someone so loving and kind,
    be taken from the world, without a good bye?"

    As she processed. She noticed the ligiture marks on the mothers neck. Taking her swab, she wiped off a sample and placed it in her evidence bag. Continuing her inspection, she noticed the seman stains across her legs. Leaning over, she checked the husbands private area, and realized he was clean. There was no sign of sexual intercourse before their death.

    "Not bad enough the killer tortured her, he had to violate her too."

    "What was that sweetheart?"

    Turning around she seen his handsom face. That sensitive deepness in his eyes, that spoke of compassion for these victims.

    "Horatio...I can't believe the voilence that has taken place,
    this poor family, who will never see another day.
    I can't believe how quickly life can be stolen within,
    from the evil killers, who cause this hateful sin."

    "Calleigh, sweetheart, where is this coming from love? You seem aweful sensitive today. Are you okay love?"

    Calleigh looked at Horatio with compassion and pain,
    for how was she to tell him, she was with child this day.
    Amongst all this horror, that surrounded this home,
    could she bring forth happiness during this evil storm.

    "I'm fine Horatio. It just all seems so sensless."

    "I know love. But all we can do is process, and hope to hell we find their killer."

    As Horatio watched her. He knew something was wrong with his Calleigh. But what? What would make her seem so lost and alone.

    "Oh my beautiful Calleigh, I know you're in pain,
    and I promise to make it better once we are away.
    From this bloodshed, this evil, this violent scene,
    that is causing you to withdrawl from me."

    Leaving the room. Horatio headed down to the boys room, and what he found almost floored him. The two boys had been tied together with all their limbs broken and hanging like puppets from the ceiling fan.

    "Dear God, such horror these bastards did inflict,
    on these innocents, who didn't have a chance to live.
    To grow, to succeed, to live out their dreams,
    oh what kind of animals live on our Miami streets."

    With the crime scene processed, and the bodies returned to the morgue. The team headed their seperate ways.

    "Sweetheart...come on I'll take you home."

    "I don't want to go home handsom. Please take me away from this death, help me forget it all."

    Helping his sweetheart into the Hummer, he got in and began to drive. As he looked over he seen his Calleigh's tear filled eyes. Reaching for her hand, he gave it a little squeeze, just to let her know he felt her pain.

    Pulling up in front of Horatio's home. He parked the Hummer, and helped Calleigh out of the seat.

    "Are you going to be okay sweetheart?"

    "I think so, I'm just a little dizzy."

    "I'm sorry love? Why would you be dizzy?"

    Calleigh wasn't about to tell Horatio she was with child. At least not yet. Not after the horror they had seen today.

    "Sweetheart...please tell me what is wrong love."

    Raising her face to his with his thumb, she said....

    "Oh Horatio I have some wonderful news,
    but I just don't feel this is the time tell you.
    Especially with the horror, we have seen,
    at that insensitive, evil crime scene."

    As Horatio felt her tear fall he whispered....

    "Calleigh my love, my Angel, my sweet,
    if this is happy news, then tell me, please.
    After the horror we've all suffered today,
    it can only make it better, help the pain go away."

    As much as Calleigh knew he was right, she just couldn't be sure if her Horatio would be happy.

    "Horatio...you know how deep our love is buried in our souls,
    the type of the love that forever blooms, even in storms.
    The kind of love that holds passion, fire, sensual bliss,
    from each and every sensitive touch and sweet kiss."

    "From our love we have made a miracle truely arrive,
    a little life that has began to grow from me inside.
    This little Angel the two of us created from our love,
    Horatio, I'm pregnant, our sweet child I carry along."

    Horatio stared at his lovely Calleigh. For any words, any complaint he could have thought of her saying. This was one that he would forever cherish in his heart.

    "Oh my beautiful Calleigh, tell me this is the truth,
    tell me I'm truely going to be a parent with you.
    Tell me this special Angel that is made from our love,
    is our future, our world, that has now truely begun."

    "Yes Horatio, this is our future, our passionate life,
    that we will share with our innocent child by our side.
    Helping build his future, with compassion and warm love,
    so he grows up to be loved from the two parts of us."

    Taking his Calleigh into his heated embrace. He kissed her passionately, sensually, while his hand lowered to were his baby was nestled safe. Inside the tomb of his mothers beautiful soul, growing, thriving, rippling for seven months more.

    The End.

    Coming soon...."The Wedding before the Birth."
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    oh wow you're doing more...awesome :)
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    :eek: Sounds like a scene from a horror movie.

    Good poetic fic. :D Can't wait to read more. :)
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    Thanks for the FB guys, I'm glad you are enjoying them. I've just started work on "The Wedding" one. Though it's going to take a while, but it will be well worth it.:)
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    The Wedding

    A One Shot by MacsLovlyAngl

    IT was a perfect day for a wedding. Calleigh was sitting in her room, looking over all her poems. She knew she would soon need a new album for the poems that would start her new life with Horatio. As she closed the last page, she picked up the new white album that had Horatio and her picture upon it.

    As she opened the first page, she picked up her pen and began to write.

    "My dearest sweet husband to be,
    on this wedding day, I give to thee.
    My passion, my love, my pure heart,
    my world that you will now be a part."

    "As we stand together at the holy alter,
    with our bright smiles face to loving face.
    I know we will once again dance and begin,
    to feel our two hearts and pure soul race."

    "Knowing our lives will blend as one,
    embracing us together in a love song.
    Finally we will say our blessed "I do's,"
    in our world that belongs to me, and you."

    "So placing the ring upon my fingers length,
    while I place mine, upon yours in the same place.
    Then when he finally says "I now pronounce",
    we will kiss in firery passion, that's heaven found."

    Putting down her pen, Calleigh looked up and seen her dad standing there.

    "Hi daddy. You're early. Though I must say you look very handsome."

    "Thank you Lambchop. Are you ready for your big day?"

    "I am dad. I've waited a lifetime for my Horatio to marry me."

    Helping his daughter stand, he seen her rounded tummy.

    "Look at you my Lambchop, you look like an Angel."

    "Oh dad. We both know I look pregnant."

    "No love. You look radiant and your face is glowing with happiness. A father couldn't ask for more than that. I've written a little poem for you, you can add it to your new book if you like."

    "Thanks dad. Can you read it to me first?"

    Opening the paper, Kenwall began to read.

    "When you were little, smaller than a lamb,
    I used to cradle you, in my warm hands.
    Rocking you softly, singing you a song,
    of how beautiful you were, to me and mom."

    "Then I watched you grow a little more,
    as you walked and waddled on your own.
    No longer needing daddy's sweet help,
    for your independance was growing strong."

    "Now a lady with beauty, and with grace,
    I know I now have to give you away.
    To a man whom you've come to love,
    building a new future, forever bright and long."

    "Oh daddy. That is so beautiful. Thank you."

    Embracing her father in her arms, she softly cried as she whispered....

    "No matter what my future brings daddy. I will always be your little Lamchop."

    Giving her father one last kiss, he headed downstairs to wait for the bridal march.

    Putting the finishing touches on her off white gown, Alexx walked in.

    "Look at you baby. You look like an Angel."

    "Alexx. Thank you for coming," she cried.

    "Oh baby. Come on now, no tears. You will ruin your beautiful make up."

    "Oh Alexx. I'm so scared, and nervous, all at the same time."

    "Why baby? You love Horatio, don't you?

    "I do Alexx, with all my heart. I've waited forever for this day."

    "Listen baby. I have a little poem for you.

    "Calleigh you are our Angel,
    our special darling sweet soul.
    Who always brought laughter,
    to our team and kept us whole."

    "It was always your warm smile,
    that set the sunny bright days.
    It was always your own strength,
    that kept us all from going astray."

    "But now love, the time has come,
    for us to let you spread your wings.
    Allowing you to forever soar and fly,
    into the arms of your handsome King."

    "Oh Alexx. That was so beautiful. I can see our new wedding poetry album filling already."

    As Alexx was about to say something else, the wedding march began.

    "I'll see you downstairs baby."

    Leaving Calleigh to her final thoughts, she headed out the door.

    "Okay Lamchop, you ready?"

    "Ready daddy."

    Walking arm in arm, they neared the arch above the door. With one last step, they went through as everyone stood, and looked at the beautiful vision before them.

    Leading her farther up, Kenwall stopped two steps away from Horatio, as he walked over and took her hand from her father.

    "Who gives this Bride away?"

    "I do. I'm the Bride's father Kenwall Duquesne."

    Standing face to face, they turned and walked to the Priest.

    "Dearly beloved.....

    We are gathered here today, in front of God, the Angels, family, and friends. To welcome Horatio and Calleigh into God's Kingdom of holy matrimony. If anyone here can show just cause why these two should not be tied, speak now or forever hold your peace."

    When no one spoke, the Priest continued.

    "Now I understand that you Horatio, and you Calleigh. Have written your own poetic vows?"

    "Yes father."

    "Then Calleigh my child, you may begin."

    "My dearest Horatio....

    "I remember the time when we first met,
    I remember the time you became my friend.
    I remember the leech that latched on my calf,
    that's when I knew you were my other half."

    "And now with the battle we've faught and won,
    it's brought us the sweetest romantic true love.
    The love that is made from the purest of white,
    white of the Angels doves, that sing to us above."

    "Now I will take you my husband, my truest love,
    from this day forth, I will honor, obey and respect.
    Your opinions, your desires, your needs and wants,
    in front of family, friends and in our marital bed."

    "So remember my Horatio, my hero, my white knight,
    it's always been you, that has rescued me from life.
    Bringing the sunshine, the warmth, the sweet touch,
    of your soul meshed with mine, saturated in our love."

    Taking her ring, she slipped it on her Horatio's finger.

    "Horatio my son. You may now begin."

    My beautiful Bullet Girl....

    "No words can ever amount,
    to your beauty that knows no bounds.
    From your purity, your guidence,
    your faith, you had always believed in me."

    "It was you that held me through the nights,
    when my life felt useless, helpless, unbound.
    It was you who covered me in your pure wings,
    protecting me, comforting me through the pain."

    "And now it is my turn to cover you in my heart,
    to love you, never allowing you to fall apart.
    To protect you, guide you, carry you through,
    each and everyday we bound together as two."

    Taking his ring. Horatio place it on his Calleigh's finger.

    "Calleigh, Horatio, if you will now face me please."

    Turning to face the Priest, he said.....

    "By the Unity of God, his Angels, his holy place. I now pronounce you both.....

    Husband and wife.

    Horatio...you may now kiss your Bride."

    Wrapping her carefully in his arms, he leaned in, whispered....

    "This is forever, Forever you and I DuCaine"

    Passionately placing his lips on hers, everyone screamed.

    "Congratulations Horatio and Calleigh Caine."

    The End.
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    awwww *squees*
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    Thanks for the review Melly. I have one more poetry story to do in this DuCaine Series.

    After that I will be starting my SMacked Series of Poetry/Stories.:)
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    Thanks GNRF,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Wedding scene. I worked on it quite a while to get it just right.:)

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