9x13 - 'Last Stand' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Not a bad episode though I was initially annoyed on how much testosterone seemed to be fueling it. I knew by the spoiler pics that H wasn't gonna pull that trigger but I was talking to the tv trying to coax him to stop anyway. Very glad they ended it on that note, Memmo asking if Horatio was at peace, what we've been wanting for ages. I hope this truly spells the end for this storyline. Ryan was absolutely hilarious tonight, the Wolfe-pack will be happy ;)
I thought it was a good ep. Lots of action, lots of the team (I love Ryan and the whole tour-bus thing :thumbsup:), and I thought the end was very well done. (Please God let this mean the Marisol storyline is now officially dead, I'm sick of watching the same stupid flashback clips from S4 :rolleyes:).

My only real complaint is that the other Mala Noche members seemed like total and complete wusses, just standing around with the "duh" look on their faces. If these guys are supposed to be so badass, they've should've been portrayed as badasses.

Overall, 8 out of 10.:thumbsup:
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All I have to say is, thank god Horatio didn't kill Memmo. It's bad enough with him going around abusing suspects along with Eric (and apparently Ryan now too, bad Ryan!) but if he would have actually killed Memmo? No. I was cheering in my head when he decided not to, I actually wasn't sure because of how often Horatio abuses suspects this season.

The rest was okay, not the best. Meh for me. :lol: I'm just glad Miami is back, hopefully this whole Memmo thing is done with now and they can get on with the season.
Anyone know what the Eric-Bad Guy Season 9 foot chase number is up to now? I swear it feels like there has been one in every ep so far this season. :lol:
for a minute there I thought horatio was going to kill him....but i guess if H did kill him he would be just like meemo!!!!!!! I hope meemo dont escape from prison again and i hope this the last time we have to see meemo again...I wish they would of just killed him and i hope this wont lead to the season finale... this episode was ok to me
Mala Noche is the most gay-ish gang I have ever seen. Wow, I would not be intimidated by them at all. One look at their clothing and I'd ask them for wardrobe tips. ;)

Another drawn out mess filled with the works: orange hair, cheesy one-liners, long and boring chase scenes topped off by a shootout that had me rolling my eyes. I really don't understand why the show keeps going back to season four when it's probably the most disliked season of the entire series. I honestly don't give a damn about Marisol, or Horatio seeking retribution against the Mala Noche for her death. It's boring and played out. :rolleyes:

Also? Someone from IAB needs to arrest Horatio's ass ASAP. His police brutality antics are just too much. Where's Stetler? :(

I love your sarcasm, Vegaslights. :guffaw: And for the record I agree 100% about the Marisol and Mala Noche thing from Season 4. I still regret buying that season on DVD. :rolleyes: :confused: However there are a few things I did like about the epi and one thing I did not like:

Love the way Wolf yelled at the gang member Felix, about reading the sigh he made then read it again with the glasses. And the way Wolf played like the bus tour guide. Putting the glasses together and finding out they are photosensive to light well done with Wolf and Calleigh. Good use of Wolf in this one.

I did find the new Sgt Jennifer Swanson a good role with a nice new character. She seems to be on top of things. Hope she works out but not at the expense of the more seniority characters. So we'll see about her.

I am not sure I found the dark side of H this week. He was intimidating of course but I found he wasn't as physically motivated this time. He was more like controlled anger. But his dark side needs to be dealt with.

H Wolf and Eric backing Salazar up against the bus was a neat scene. They all had him there and he wasn't getting anywhere with those 3.

The shootout had me worried a bit about Frank. I thought there for a minute he was going to get shot. And Horatio's move to get behind the gang members was a good one. He got em that way. Well that's H for ya.

Now what I didn't like was the final scene. What the hell was that all about!?!? I mean I am glad Horatio didn't use as much brutal force as he head before, and yet a little with kicking Memmo, but they just sat there with Memmo tied up and H sitting next to him and commenting on the nice weather they had. Sure it was beautiful and all but they sounded like a couple of fishermen out there. :wtf: :eek: What does that scene mean now?! Memmo goes back to prison so he can escape again?! AND does it mean it is not the end of Memmo?! I can't see how it wouldn't be. All that fuss about getting him and then he just says, "you're under arrest." OMG now what do TPTB have in mind. I didn't like that ending or NONending at all. All this for nothing. Just get this bucket of sewage (Memmo) out of the show and get on without more reminders of Season 4........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :wtf: :eek: I don't think I can cope with more crap about S 4. I may go insane. Hell I am half there now. :lol:
I thought the ending made perfect sense, actually. Memmo goes back to jail and Horatio has decided that its not worth it to kill a lowlife. It reminded me of H and Clavo, a sort of respect settling between them despite everything. The whole talk of finding peace to me sounded like H letting it go, (finally), and remembering himself as a good cop/man. Hope it stays that way.
I really enjoyed this episode! I love the use of Ryan. He was very high energy and looked great in the white tee shirt and jeans! The tour bus scene was priceless! I liked Horatio in this episode. The last scene was unexpected and worked for me.
I really enjoyed this episode! I love the use of Ryan. He was very high energy and looked great in the white tee shirt and jeans! The tour bus scene was priceless! I liked Horatio in this episode. The last scene was unexpected and worked for me.

I loved it too! I really enjoyed the scene near the beginning, where Ryan was telling the guy if he could read it, then he'd let him leave. :lol:

I am tired of the actual 'storyline', but the episode its self was not half bad. I'm not sure that makes sense, for both of those things to be possible, but I just felt this episode had a different vibe than the others dealing with Memmo. Maybe I'm just blinded by my pure love for the show, but I think this season has been great!!! :)

AND perhaps I'm biased, but I'd really love to see more of Ryan like THIS. The screen time, high energy, and attire... like Theresa described!
Just finished watching it. Ryan was hilarious, when he showed Felix what he wrote on the piece of paper, you can see just below it that he drew a smiley face, LOL!! Only ONE scene with Calleigh???!!!!! :shifty: At the end of the epi when Horatio was pointing the gun at Meemo you could tell that he was thinking about shooting him, but then he thought about Marisol, so he probably thought that she wouldn't want this. At least he thought before he took action.
I to think that Season 4 is probably the most hated season out of the whole series. I have up2 Season 6 on DVD and it's rare 4 me 2 watch Season 4 (I've had seasons 3 and 4 for years then I started collecting the rest for Christmas and my birthday, I collected Season 1 and 2 for my 15th birthday last year and 5 and 6 for Xmas just gone), I still have 2 collect Season 7 and 8, which I will get for my 16th this year (NEXT MONTH ON THE 14TH!!!!) so then I'll be up2 date. The ending was weird, I mean what was with the whole silence???? It seemed kind of depressing.:shifty:
I'd love to see Sgt. Swanson as a regular, she seems to be what the show has been lacking since Megan left wayyyyy back in season 1.
I think the ending scene is beautiful, it just brings a lot of meaning. You have H who decided not to shoot the man who killed his wife and then this calming sight, the sea, all that light. It is a beautiful day but he is not talking about the weather, he has left behind his seek of revenge. That makes it a beautiful day, he understood that violence is not the answer.

I hated that there was only one scene with Calleigh but I can stand it, since this torture is almost over for all Calleigh's fans! I noticed she is not in next week promo, does that make it the episode she has missed? I can't remember which one it was!

Loved Natalia in this episode, I like her natural ways. Maybe because I am always so concentrated on Emilysitting there, it seems so nice to see an actress moving around LOL
As a whole, I enjoyed this episode. The team was well represented and everyone worked together with none of the petty animosity there has been in the past.

And we got everyone! Every member of the team was represented and they all worked together.

I really liked Sgt. Jennifer Swanson. A lot. She and Natalia's character had good chemistry and, although their interaction was brief, she strikes me as the strong, competent professional that Horatio would respect and work well with. I thought there was a lot of potential for that character and would LOVE to see her come back.

I totally enjoyed Ryan this episode. Then again, I love him in every episode. It's a lack of Ryan that makes me cranky! ;)

Natalia was perfect as always. She just warms every scene she's in. I adore that character.

As someone who has developed an intense dislike for Delko, I found him tolerable last night. I guess that's a start to his redemption for me. :)

Frank is looking good and every time I see him it just makes me want to see him more often.

The lab scene with Walter almost gave me a migraine, but I was able to deal with it if I closed my eyes every couple seconds. I do wish they'd stop with the LSD trip everytime some starts processing in the lab. :lol:

I loved the closing scene. I truly hope that this is the end of this mindless, unprofessional, brutal revenge storyline for Horatio. It's been so far beneath that character and who he is supposed to be and what he is supposed to stand for.

I sincerely hope that character has found his peace and can again be the compassionate, strong leader with a morality and integrity that is unquestionable and is never again tainted.

I've been waiting for the return of the Horatio everyone respected for a long time. I hope the wait is over. :)
Sounds like this was a decent episode which I missed (Thanks to a certain Frisby eared Mouse on my video game screen) I'll see what I can do and get back to you all.