1000 Forensic Things You Have Learnt From CSI

32. That a body covered in a waxy substance has probably decomposed over a number of weeks anaerobically in alkaline conditions - fascinating! :p

I'ts called Grave Wax.

Grave wax, or adipocere, is a crumbly white, waxy substance that accumulates on those parts of the body that contain fat - the cheeks, breasts, abdomen and buttocks. It is the product of a chemical reaction in which fats react with water and hydrogen in the presence of bacterial enzymes, breaking down into fatty acids and soaps. Adipocere is resistant to bacteria and can protect a corpse, slowing further decomposition. Adipocere starts to form within a month after death and has been recorded on bodies that have been exhumed after 100 years. If a body is readily accessible to insects, adipocere is unlikely to form.
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95. You can see how someone might age, or what a skeleton once looked like through the use of different facial recognition software.
96. One should really carry Nonoxynol-9 in order to spray it in any hotel room one stays in, no matter how clean or luxurious it may look.

97. CSI's can work even triple shifts, and they all max out on their overtime even though it's one of the toughest, most burn-out causing jobs there is.

98. S/M places are not about sex :rolleyes:.

99. There's such a thing as liquid latex.
100. That trees grow around objects (like a hammer) and become a part of the tree.

101. That in 1991, there was a lot of things they could not do that they can do now in forensics. :lol:
102. I have learned that you can actually create candy fingerprints that work to unlock a locked door using fingerprint recognition technology! (CSI:NY - The Past, Present, and Murder). Cool info, but I doubt I will do it!
103. Stick to the walls when entering a crime scene
104. Theres no such thing as being double jointed, but you can have loose ligaments
105. People can get their eyes tattooed :eek:
106. If you religiously wear a corset for many years, gradually tightening it, your organs will displace upwards much like is seen in pregnant women. It reportedly causes extreme pain and looks plain weird.
107. Rumour has it, jennifer Lopez's ass is insured for one billion dollars :guffaw:
108. That if you throw the bone from a piece of pork at someone and hit a main artery, it can kill them. :lol: