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    "House Of Hoarders" Discussion **Spoilers**

    I noted his behavior changing after the "trauma" discussion. I figured that one hit too close to home. Nicky is repressing hard and I think it was on purpose he seemed like an ass. I am hoping we'll see more of his coping mechanisms get rattled since I still have a hard time believing anyone can...
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    "MEAT JEKYLL" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I agree and they can't expect the audience to embrace Langston the way they have written him either. I, in fact, switch to something else if the episode shows signs to be all about the wonderful Ray that knows everything and can do no wrong. He's a mish mash of character traits but with little...
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    Season 10 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion P1

    Wait, what? The got rid of Riley to get Sara back? :confused: I'm starting to hate the on-line fans' enormous input on the shows these days. :wtf: I now have two actors whose shows I am avoiding like the plague because of the fans' behavior that seeming always lead to weak show-runners caving...
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    Season 10 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion P1

    Does CM really think the rating sucked because Sara's not on the show? Did she see which ep brought in the ratings? Good work on pushing the team to the back, bringing up Langston front and center, a character we hardly know and then wonder why ratings suck? This is too stupid to be true and...
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    Still Missing Grissom?

    The old Gisso of seasons 1-4 is what I miss. The Grissom of seasons 7-8 was what had me leave the show. I'm not totally sold on this new show, but that is just because I miss the Nick/Warrick dynamic so much. Those two together were hilarious, touching and endearing in every manly way...
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    CSI: The Movie

    ' Didn't mean your idea was stupid, the entire idea of Paris sounds to me like someone wants a paid vacation and a movie sounds like someone wants to promote his or her career with as little risk as possible. I'm pretty sure Sorbonne can provide forensic entomologists just as good as Grissom...
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    CSI: The Movie

    I can't stop laughing at the stupidity of this entire idea. :lol: Europe does have CSI, there's no need for Grissom and Sidle. Unless it's WP that wants a paid stay in Paris? And a movie? Grave Danger was the only ep that would have made it as a movie, let it go already. ETA: Money not...
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    "Mascara" 200th Ep Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Friedkin should not be allowed to direct more eps. I'm sorry, but this one was just plain bad despite the desperate trials with interesting camera angles. The last ep he directed had the same old 70ies feel about it too. It was just sloppily told and became boring because I don't yet have the...
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    "Turn, Turn, Turn" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    This is the CSI I remember and love. Science, a case and emotions tied to that case. The old Nicky is back, the emotional, emphatic one. The college fund for Warick's son is so Nick and Dave contibuting was heartmelting. I still miss Warrick but I'm glad to see signs that Nick does too...
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    "Turn, Turn, Turn" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    It feels like I have expected this ep for ages! Haven't been looking forward to a new ep like I am this one. Feels almost like the good ol' times :)
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    "Kill Me If You Can" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Not if they were only paternal twins and not identical twins. This ep seemed to me to be a mish mash of a lot of eps, following the outlines of 4x4, only five times sloppier in the writing department. Not impressed at all. Langston is sure learning awfully fast to be allowed to work a case...
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    I hope this is true, because changing this show from a criminal one to a romantic soap as has been rumored in this thread just simply can't be true. They stayed at the top because of the criminal puzzles, not because of romance. With all the rumored schmoop in the beginning fo the season, I...
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    Well, it hasn't been an ensamble show since it turned into the GSR show. I'm not surprised. Of course they won't let Nick find Warrick! That would be logical and logic has escaped TPTB a long time ago. It was totally buried with the MCSK-case. So why would they bother using logic now? They'll go...
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    Season 9 *Spoiler Lab* Discussions

    That's definitely George. He kicks the ball out of the park with that line alone It comes out incredulous, stunned and with a frantic undercurrent. Guess they think they don't need to show it, because it all comes through in his voice. Evidently it pays off to be a good actor on CSI...