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    Grissom and Sara #36 A Love Story

    Did anyone else notice that they never used the term "divorce" tonight? They said "broken up" and "not together anyone" (or something to that effect), but never "divorced."
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    "Wild Flowers" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    The GSR shout out didn't really make me happy; Sara was sad, she said they hadn't talked in a while and she hadn't heard from Grissom on their anniversary. Just me?
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    "Homecoming" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    :lol::lol: I just love that everyone refers to her as the "ice cream kid" in this slightly condescending, "not buying it" kind of way
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    "Homecoming" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I'm surprising myself by how upset the thought of Ecklie not returning makes me! :lol: I've really grown to like him over the past few seasons! But I'm not nearly as upset as I would be not knowing about Nick... soo glad we already know he's coming back! In general, I thought it was a decent...
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    Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart #7

    I really liked Sara in the lead female role tonight, opposite Russell. This was the first time I could really see that her character had developed in such a way that she is now able to fill that role. She's not just the young "loose cannon with a gun" anymore, which for some reason I think...
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    "In a Dark, Dark House" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    At what point in the episode was there a "hint" that Haskell impregnated Gloria??
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    "Father of the Bride" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Did Haskell look any different at the end? Given that we saw him with bandages on his face in the flashbacks and everything, I was hoping they had done some cool makeup trick to change his face. The only thing that looked different was that his hair was darker haha
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    Season 11 "Spoiler Lab" Discussion Part 3

    Hmmm, sounds like we might get some more Grissom/baseball references in this episode.
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    "All That Cremains" Discussion **Spoilers**

    Well said! :thumbsup: The integration of exciting cases AND characters with real depth is what makes CSI a stand-out show... IMO.
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    "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    So what was Grissom's mom signing "about their sex life" at the end? She also signed something else after the sex pot story and then Grissom said "sometimes too much." I guess I'm not clever enough to piece it all together...
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    "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    I'm sorry that this is only partially related to the discussion, but this is the first episode I've been REALLY excited about in a while (it feels so nostalgic :lol:) and yet I of course have a late meeting at school tomorrow night :shifty: Since I'm not skilled enough to have a TiVo or even a...
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    "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Thank you! For calming my fears... :lol:
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    "The Two Mrs. Grissoms" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Is it just me or does Sara not have a ring on in these promos???
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    "A Kiss Before Frying" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    OMG I absolutely love you people! I thought of the same thing last night, and I was actually going to log on and ask if anyone else had noticed how often he says this. But you've all beat me to it, and honestly, I'm not too surprised :lol: I wonder what it was about last night's scene that...