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    Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #5

    Re: Eric/Greg: smokin' hot pic thread # 5!! He really is a lovely lovely man!
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    "Post Mortem" Discussion **Spoilers**

    That end scene was so scary. I really thought that Greg was going to be beaten again, or worse! I have never been one to yell at the TV before but man i was letting loose on the family, the judge and that jury. I just hope that Greg stays strong, he was justified!!!
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    Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

    Poor South Park boys, the CSI's don't notice them.
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    Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

    I love baby Greg!
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    Hottest Men And Women - Poll

    LV: Greg Miami: Ryan.
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    British Fans... Who would you cast in CSI: London?

    David Thewlis - The Grissom charater
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    CSI Bumpersnickers

    That's true but the only good Vegas show is on CBS.
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    Nerds With Badges- Greg and Ryan Fans Only!

    *drools all over keyboard* GREG!!!!!!!!!!
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    "Leggo our Greggo!" - Greg/Eric discussion thread # 9

    He likes the icelandic band Sigur Ros.
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    Eric Szmanda -91st in CosmoGirls 101 Hot Guys

    He should have had a full page spread! :D :D
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    Ratings: CSI vs ...

    Re: CSI Ratings versus Grey's Anatomy One of my friends thinks that I should stop watching CSI because it is not number 1, and should watch GA instead.
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    Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

    Greg looks so uncomfortable being on camara.
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    Season 7 Pictures *Possible Spoilers*

    Re: Season 7 Pictures **Possible Spoilers** The trial probably upsets him and then he is put on camera, poor little Greggy :(.