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    Episode 9x12 - 'Wheels Up' - ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

    Hey, y'all...I don't post here very often but come to read occasionally...I've been very disappointed with the direction MIAMI has gone since last season...I keep telling myself, "it's just a TV show" -- and I freely admit that I am still holding a grudge about what happened to Rick Stetler. I...
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    "Im Looking For a *INSERT ACTOR HERE* site"

    Re: "Im Looking For a *INSERT ACTOR HERE* site" May I add: The David Lee Smith Society (Facebook) Also, I have a small section devoted to DLS on my personal forum (see signature -- and scroll down to "Stargazing". Thanks!
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    CSI Miami Sites

    Sorry...I put this in the wrong place!
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    Horatio and Stetler - past, present, future

    Not a happy viewer today...though I knew what was coming...I'm going to miss my Rick...
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    Horatio and Stetler - past, present, future

    I am on pins and needles about tonight's episode. I adore David Lee Smith and always look forward to a little interaction between Stetler and Caine. Without that, MIAMI loses some of the friction which has been played so well by both actors. I just wish MIAMI had explored that relationship a...
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    Rick Stetler/David Lee Smith--Some Bad Boys ARE Cute Up Close!

    I wish David Lee Smith was in every episode of MIAMI -- or they'd give him his own team in another city!! Lynn
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    CSI: Miami--'Dissolved'

    It's always nice to read a nice word about actor David Lee Smith (and his character, Rick Stetler). I've always loved the way Caruso and Smith play off of each other and I'm always wanting more. Thanks for a great review!
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    CSI: Miami--'Chip/Tuck'

    I love David Lee Smith and am always happy when he's on (had to wait a long time for him to show up this season). Although I love the tension between Horatio and Rick Stetler, it would be nice to see them actually working together on something. And, even nicer if Stetler became a regular and not...
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    Rick Stetler/David Lee Smith--Some Bad Boys ARE Cute Up Close!

    Finally, DLS has been on MIAMI this season -- I've been waiting (not patiently) for a long time and it was so great to see him and to see that the tension between Rick and Horatio is still going strong -- the writers could have made so much more out of this "relationship" over the years and I...
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    Rick Stetler/David Lee Smith--Some Bad Boys ARE Cute Up Close!

    I absolutely adore the character of Rick Stetler -- and the man who portrays him, David Lee Smith. I believe Stetler is a great foil for Horatio -- and, quite frankly, the more annoying he is (to Horatio) the better. I love to watch the facial expressions of both of these characters/actors as...