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    CSI and it's representations

    Fair point. What i'm trying to get at is whether or not you think the police force (be it forensics, detectives, cops, etc) are anywhere near as good as they are represented in this show? I mean some shows are fairly authentic when it comes to presenting what they are supposed to be...
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    CSI and it's representations

    Hello everyone, i'm fairly new here. I’m doing a research report on CSI and I could do with a little help from other CSI fans. I want to know if any of the CSI shows have influenced your views about crime and safety in the U.S. For example; do you believe they really use the forensic methods...
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    Favourite Lead CSI Actor

    I went for Caruso. I'm a really big fan of Peterson, but Caruso epitomizes coolness.
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    CSI: Trilogy Crossover

    The trilogy was a refresher but i thought the finale in Vegas was a big let down.
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    CSI, Too fake?

    I wouldn't call it fake. It's entertainment and sometimes things need to be exaggerated to make something more entertaining. As someone above pointed out, if you want to see something realistic then a documentary is the way to go. CSI is a good representation of forensics imo.