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    Eddie Cahill #6: Man of Our Dreams

    Watched The Narrows on Netflix the other night. Kind of an odd movie but it was good.
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    Flack #10: Don Flack Bleeds Blue

    I am so glad he got his hair cut, it wasn't that bad in season 7 but shorter is better. I can't wait to see what this season will bring!
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    CSI: NY Season 4 Spoilers! Discussion in the Big Apple

    Anyone else notice the bit of "Flack Skin" we get in the clip!! It's just a little but it's still hot!
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    Flack #8 - Flack, Don Flack

    *sigh* he's so attractive. Thanks for posting Elsie I agree with you, it would be nice to see the team rally around Flack in some circumstance, esp when he's awake. He's been a great support for almost every member of the cast.
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    The Rest In Peace & Remembrance Thread

    Re: The Rest In Peace & Remembrance Thread I still can't believe it. I heard that his family first heard about it on the radio. It's unfortunate that the media cannot be more sympathetic in these situations. I realize they have a job to do but they could do it with some class and dignity for...
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    Character flaws, foibles, annoyances and aggravations

    It really irks me when they characters know everything about every little thing. It hasn't happened much lately but there were episodes where I wanted to strangle the characters. I especially find it annoying when Hawkes does it. I really appreciated in hung out to dry when Stella had to look...
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    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Re: Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties Thanks Lorelai for posting that video. I wish they would include more interview on the DVD's. One disappointing fact which has temporarily shattered my affection for Eddie.....he smokes, seriously, that is so unattractive! At that point (for...
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    Grade 'All in the Family'

    I really enjoyed this episode, but like others have mentioned I didn't really care about the case involving the judge! The continuation from Child's play was excellent. I liked how you didn't know what Danny was up to until Flack found him, it kept you guessing about what was going on. I...
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    Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties

    Re: Eddie Drool Thread #4 - Blue Eyes & Fugly Ties Eddie is very attractive, he looks like one of the instructors at the gym I go to, talk about a reason to go to the gym :)
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    Happy 30th Birthday to Eddie Cahill

    Happy 30th Birthday Eddie, I hope you had a great day filled with Family, Friends and cake of course! Wishing you all the best this year!
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    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 1CSIMfan, for posting the promo! I have been waiting to see it ever since the chatter started about how good it was and, it did not disappoint. You can see Ollie behind Danny but he seems farther in the distance. I'm also looking forward to the talk between...
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    It's called Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups. I think the version in the epi last night might have been a remix, it sounded a little different.
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    CSI:NY Season 4 Spoilers--Get 'Em In A New York Minute

    Thanks Fay for the preview, I can't wait!!!
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    Grade 'Happily Never After'

    I agree with you Snowbird, CTV is really annoying regarding spoilers.
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    How many non-US peeps here?

    Canadian right here! Ya, my season 2 does not have commentaries on it either, so I bought S3 in the US just in case!