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    Is there too much romance in CSI: NY?

    Where's the "Hell, yes, knock it off you idiots" vote button? I don't mind a little romantic tension. I don't mind character developement. I do mind a romance derailing what is supposed to be a crime procedural show. I do mind every frickin' character on the show hooking up with every other...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion - Back in the Big Apple

    Re: CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Dicussion - Back in the Big Apple Hey, Top. Yeah, I lurk to see if the show's quality has improved. Which I think in many ways it has. The D/L not being one at all. From a writer's stand point I was trying to get inside the heads of the writers to figure out why...
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    Favorite Season of CSI:NY?

    Season 1, hands down. The quality of the stories was beautiful. They actually had cases that haunted you and made you feel. Not like the fluff of S2 and S3. Didn't really watch much of S4 and I've only seen 1 ep of S5. S1 also felt like New York, almost like the city was a character all her own...
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    CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Discussion - Back in the Big Apple

    Re: CSI: NY Season 5 Spoiler Dicussion - Back in the Big Apple Actually these spoilers give me the best hope I've had in years that Anna Belknap will be leaving the show. She scaled back her working time for her first child and she's not exactly going to have more time with two munchkins...
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    Dear Writers... (Have something you want to say?)

    In New Jersey screaming "Paternity Test!! Paternity Test!!" at the top of his lungs hoping someone will hear.
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    Why Lindsay Must Go (Part 3)

    Maybe they hope that if you're paying attention to what Detective Monroe is saying you won't notice how atrocious her acting is. It's a theory.:lol:
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    Grade 'Personal Foul'

    I gave it a D. This episode reminds me of why I stopped watching the show, which is unfortunate because last weeks ep showed some true potential to be the show CSI: NY started out as. Fat chick gets pissed, goes on a diet and kisses a guy to death? Are you kidding me?:scream: I thought the...
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    Why Lindsay Must Go

    Hi, ya'all. Just popping in to say howdy and you give me hope. I gave up this board after the umpteenth time of being attacked for my view on Lindsay as a character and Anna's terrible acting. I still have hopes that she will one day depart forever. Gotta say I miss Flack, but from what I've...
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    Grade 'Murder Sings the Blues'

    I was told that S3 was a big improvement over S2 and I should give it try again so I watched this ep. Plot wise...yeah, maybe we just won't go there. Or rather, I'd already been there in earlier Seasons. Hawkes got some screen time! Pop the cork and swig the beer, it's party time! He has...
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    Grade 'People With Money'

    Gave the ep a C-. Boring predictable cases that made no sense. Guess bunjee sex must really suck if you can manage to spot a dead body while bouncing around in more ways than one. And the photo imaging thing...just how stupid does TPTB think their audience is? Or maybe they're counting on it so...
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    Why Lindsay Must Go

    I don't think it's being understood that for many of us, part of why we do not like Lindsay's character as a whole is because of the way Anna Belknap portrays her. We have discussed many times how much our blame falls on the writers and how much lays at Anna Belknap's feet. We are not 'bashing'...
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    Why Lindsay Must Go

    I respectfully point out that until S3, there is little new to discuss that has not been discussed before here as well as in other Lindsay threads unless we start picking apart inconsequential things like her appearance, which I don't believe any of us care about in this thread. What we have is...
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    The Anti-Danny Thread

    I make no bones about not being much of a Danny fan, but I do think NY would have a loss if he weren't on the show. During S1 a lot of what made the team feel like a team was his banter with everyone. I miss the team feel to NY. I also always felt that Danny made the wrong choices but for the...
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    How do you feel about Lindsay?

    Sorry, darlin'! I do most emphatically apologise for that image. Too late a night, too much caffeine, too shitty a week at work and what the hell, we'll toss in PMS for kicks. I'm usually a lot more civil. :o :( I actually do have hopes that the writing will improve in S3 because I see that as...
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    How do you feel about Lindsay?

    Anna Belknap sucks as an actress and needs to be removed from the show so that NY will be interesting again. I'd rather see Danny in a relationship with Hammerback than sit through any more of the pain that is D/L.