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    CSI:NY Spoiler Discussion - Bring on Season 6!

    Hi, I'm sorry but is it definate that Danny will be in a wheel chair or is it a theory... please say it's a theory!!! :scream:
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    CSI:NY Spoiler Discussion - Bring on Season 6!

    I'm sorry.... but yes! Lindsay and Stella are alive, I amso angry at how they ended Season 5... the bullets and the toast and... here's the annoying thing... Mac just walked in the bar, if he had been a few seconds early he could have, attempted, to shoot the car or something... darn you CSI: NY...
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    The "I need help with this specific game" Thread

    Re: The "I need help with this specific game" Thread The makkem!! I'll check it out! :)
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    Music Shuffle Challenge

    The iPod Challenge I came across “The iPod Challenge” before I started writing the Lucy Messer series (Found on if yo type in, autors name, DREdwards) Those who don’t know the rules of “The iPod Challenge” here they are; you get your iPod, or source of music, and switch it on...
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    Funniest or Weirdest Moments on CSI: NY!

    Yeah, you can really imagine it- "My department's bigger than yours!" "Is not!" "Is too!" lol- love Mac & H... pure amazing-ness!
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    Funniest or Weirdest Moments on CSI: NY!

    I love that episode... it's so funny... the first glove comes off fine the other is like... hahahahahahahahahaha... I love Mac's face at that point, I mean how else would you react to that!?!?!
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    Who is your favorite character on CSI:NY?

    lowey I love that epsiode - QUOTE: Danny: "Where's your girlfriend, Trev?" Suspect: "What girlfriend?" Danny: "The rubber one." Flack: "Danny! Silicone!" LOL- love it! I do love Don, Danny & Adam but I love Lindsay, she's so sweet and I am a HUGE shipper for D&L <<< TEAM MESSER...
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    CSI: NY - 2031

    Ok, let me let you in on my genius FanFic! On type in Authors name DREdwards Click on CSI: NY - 2031 and enjoy the joys of Lucy Messer's life as she works in the Crime Lab!!!! I like it and, believe it or not, people have given me posative reviews and not sent angry hate...
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    CSI:NY Spoiler Discussion - Bring on Season 6!

    Ok, just tell me this- 1. Is Lindsay (Belknap) staying (I hope she is) 2. Is Mac leaving/dying? 3. Does Adam get hurt in anyway? 4. Spoiler--- Who fired the gun at the bar/resturant they were all in at the end of Pay Off? 5. Does anyone die? (I really hope not) 6. (This is the last) Why did...
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    CSI New York Sites

    I'm checking the site out now ... (SOME TIME LATER) Check it out- Big D/L & F/A ship... plus, good fun!
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    CSI: NY dvd's ...

    What up?! I've just order the complete first season of CSI:NY on DVD from Amazon and I was wondering if there are any special features and/or goody stuff (deleted scenes, interviews, behind the scenes etc. etc) I'm not keeping my hopes up but all the same it would be cool if there were, please...
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    Finally! A CSI: NY Computer Game

    It looks good though the style of animation is like comic book style ... kind of, not like the graphics in the LV ones but the story lines are reportedly less predictable... I'll buy it soon!
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    CSI books.

    Hey, nothing to do with the quote but 14/6/2009 this person had an amazing Adam Icon!
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    The "I need help with this specific game" Thread

    Re: The "I need help with this specific game" Thread Hey, I'm playing CSI: 3 DIMENSIONS of Murder! I have no clue how to do anything... I mean anything, I can't get warrants, I can't get inside the art studio, I can't find anything extra in the Morgue... HELP ME!
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    Peyton & Mac ... it could have worked out!

    Peyton & Mac I loved the relationship these guys had, it's a shame they didn't work out considering, if the character stayed, I think it would have worked out. I know that there are heaps of Stella/Mac shippers, sorry if this thread offends you, but I loved Peyton, she was annoyingly thin...