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    CSI: Cyber

    So what happened with the couple. Did they just leave them in the car to drown after van der Beek dived in to save the baby whilst the other cops stood around watching? The virtual autopsy was a joke. Lacked the chemistry of people like Super Dave, Doc Robbins and Ducky from NCIS. Reminded me...
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    "Check In And Check Out" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I liked it. Would have be interesting to see Hodge's reaction to Henry tripping out.
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    "Dead of the Class" **SPOILERS**Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigatio

    Re: "Dead of the Class" **SPOILERS**Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investig Loved Nick's "Super Dave" and now Super Dave has become Super Daddy. Yaaaaaay Like the scene with Finn and the autopsy was just creepy but great.
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    "Last Woman Standing" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Well, that was icky. Wouldn't have thought DB would be the man to misquote Shakespeare when they lopped Jello-man's head off.
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    Grade 'Seth and Apep'

    Does this happen every week? I stopped watching NY when Mac got kidnapped at the end of Season 4 and only watched the Langston cross-over and this since. Did my nut in.
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    "CSI on Fire" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I thought Finn was okay. Now I just want to give her a slap. They should have left her in Seattle so she could get therapy from Frasier or Niles.
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    "Play Dead" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    He probably knew his commands in French. He'd been Mike's partner for 8 years so I expect he picked up some English :) Someone give that dog a Canine Emmy.
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    'CSI Unplugged' Discussion **SPOILERS**

    No she didn't. The poster in the house was of the medium and red hat man
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    "Willows in the Wind" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Good episode spoilt by the rushed ending. I wonder if WP was on set for the end. I loved the "D.B. Room 12" text.
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    "Targets of Obsession" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Bieber was acting??? You mean he's not dead. Damn :(
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    "A Kiss Before Frying" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Fell asleep....mind numbingly slow...not the best.
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    "418/427" Discussion thread **Spoilers**

    Love Doc in this one. Going all Quincy on the sister and calling Super Dave 10-Cent and not to Bust any Rhymes :guffaw:
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    "Bump and Grind" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Good episode. Another mention of Grissom. Is he gonna be like the candy man. Say his name enough times and he'll pop up. Would love it if William did a Hitchcock style cameo...just pop-up somewhere in the background e.g. playing slots in a casino.
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    'Take My Life, Please!' Discussion *SPOILERS*

    The look Ray gave Hodges as he left the lab :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: Classic
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    "Field Mice" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Excellent episode. The kid collects spores, molds and fungi like Spengler in Ghostbusters. :thumbsup: