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    Gil and Lady Heather #6: Because She Has Lovely Lips

    *hugs you back* We really do! She should come back for a while and please her many fans. :D I would love to see Heather/Alison/Gil together. Anything involving the three would surely bring a smile to many faces. How cute was that scene during The Good, the Bad, the Dominatrix, when Alison...
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    Gil and Lady Heather #6: Because She Has Lovely Lips

    At the request of hhunter, I decided to pop in. Jeez, I've missed a lot! Heather, I agree about the art galleries! That would be lovely to see. And perhaps write a piece of fiction about. *hint hint* This ship is only thing I like about CSI anymore. I do wish that The Lady would return for a...
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    Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

    MiaCharlize , I know I've already told you, but I love that manip. Thank you so much for it! :D
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    Melinda Clarke/Lady Heather: The Dominatrix

    Re: Melinda Clarke/Lady Heather: The Dominatrix I didn't really care for The Ex. He was a little cute, but I was more interested in seeing Heather. They really should have just axed that second storyline and made the entire episode about Heather's case. They make us wait a year and then split...
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    Fanfic Request/Ideas, Recommendation & Showcase

    Re: Looking for Greg fics I hope someone can help me find this story. I have been trying to find it for over a week and really do not know where else to ask. I do not remember very much about this story because it has been so long since I first read it. Lady Heather's daughter (Zoe) was...
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    The Last 10 Songs You Listened To ... #3

    You are awesome for listening to John Mayer. :D 1. Not For All the Love in the World - The Thrills 2. Man on the Side (live) - John Mayer 3. Away From Me - Puddle of Mudd 4. Low - Kelly Clarkson 5. Another Kind of Green - John Mayer 6. Hum Hallelujah - Fall Out Boy 7. Hey Julie - Fountains of...
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    Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

    This manips are so cool! I wish I could make my own. Mine usually end up looking like... well, a word that I cannot say here ;) and I've been trying for over a year. You all are talented! :D Does anyone have any Catherine/Lady Heather manips?
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    Fonts, Resources & More!!!

    Thank you both for the help! :D
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    CSI Las Vegas Sites

    I guess I should share this link here... I created a site for a CSI role-play. Rules, available characters, all of the information you need is there. And onyl four characters are currently taken, so you might still be able to get the character you want to play. :) The Evidence Never Lies
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    "I still have a question about an episode" thread #2

    Alright, I hope someone can help me with this one. Inside the lab, just how many different labs are there? I know they have DNA, audio and visual. Are there any others?
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    Fonts, Resources & More!!!

    This thread is awesome. Very lovely idea, Ann! :D I have Paint Shop Pro and am hoping that someone could suggest a few tiny and unreadable fonts. For some reason, the text size in PSP only goes down to size eight, so it's hard to find proper font for tiny text. :(
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    Melinda Clarke/Lady Heather: The Dominatrix

    Re: Melinda Clarke/Lady Heather: The Dominatrix I long to own a Lady Heather card, but it is far too expensive for me to purchase one at the moment. Melinda has two Charmed cards, and I managed to buy one of those. I'll try to get a picture of it soon to share with you all. :D
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    Season 7 Pictures P2 *Possible Spoilers*

    Ooh, thank you for the lovely pictures, Erica! Especially the Lady Heather ones. For some reason, the picture of Heather in the hospital bed makes me sad. But they're very lovely, nonetheless. :D
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    "The Good, the Bad & the Dominatrix" Discussion *Spoilers*

    Re: "The Good, the Bad & the Dominatrix" Discussion *Spoiler Because hhunter asked me to, I decided to post. :) I think this episode looks promising, and I hope The Powers That Be do not disappoint. So far, season seven has been a complete waste to me. But we all know that it'll turn around...