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    The RANT And I Can't Say This Aloud #4

    Dear room mate. We have got along so well up till now but im really quite annoyed at the moment. You know im unwell at the moment so yes it cant be halped that when I lay down I start to cough and when I sleep I snore at the moment. Im on every medication I can take and I have tried sleeping in...
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    "Sin City Blue" Discussion - *Spoilers*

    Hm it was an alright episode. Although i dont really see why there had to Dr. Jekyll stuff happening as well as you could easily tell from the start that it had nothing to do with him. I peronally dont think that either ray or his father is Dr. Jekyll (I have always thought his father was dead...
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    Crushes on Fictional Characters

    Ha i dont know where to start with mines Riley from csi greg from csi wendy from csi Mac from csi ny Reid from criminal minds Emily from criminal minds JJ from criminal minds Aaron from criminal minds Rossi from criminal minds (ok lol thats almost the full criminal minds cast but i cant help...
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    You Know You Watch Too Much CSI: NY When... [#2]

    you watch too much csi when you go out and buy a special teddy whenever a character dies or leaves and name it after them and when you name all your pokemon im your DS after the characters
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    Danny & Lindsay Get Married

    I just finished watch the episode. It was so sweet im still smilling at the thought of it. I just loved the whole wedding scene :)
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    Question for all Middle/High School students

    I must admit im terrible guilty of forgetting to put my name on my work. I dont know why i just never seem to do it. My teachers just mark it and give it back to me. They know its mines because i have such awful handwritting.
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    1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge ~ Winners Up!

    Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge ~Winners Up!! Well done Distraction, somethingsdont and loki, you all done a great job. Also thanks for the banner cinegirl :).
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    1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge ~ Winners Up!

    Re: 1st Talk CSI Christmas Challenge I think i will have a go it sounds like fun
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    Thanks i think im addicted now iv started on another pic but it will be a couple of weeks before i enter. Im doing the game challenge thing as well. You can send all your challenges to me if you want. Iv been sending them to one of my old friends who hasn't been on i about a year. If he does...
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    The Beauty contest just finished me and sherbet came 7th. Thank you if you voted for us. I'm quite proud considering that this is the first time we have entered.
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    I hate game avvies i got the score for the bullseye avvie so i stopped playing and sent it. It came up error cannot send. Well im just glad my mother wasnt around to hear what i said to the computer (i had been playing for 2 hours non stop) The only thing i hate about neopets is all the scammers...
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    Thank you :) :) its the first time iv entered iv been on the boards all day trying to get votes. I also got the symol avvy after spending two years trying to get it i was so happy. I'm still try to get the avvie from snowy i get blasted almost every day and i still dont have it.
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    I nearly forgot about the avatar. I never really got anything good only one quest. My pet sherbet_crystal is in the Beauty contest this week so i would apperiate it if anyone here could spare us a vote.
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    CSI: Hangman #8

    sorry you were right its been a busy week i had my school show so iv been there all day
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    CSI: Hangman #8

    C1 "Y-u --t -t. t---a-y's --- y-u're ta----- my -a--ua-e." C2 "Y-u ca- te-- -r-m a -a-?" c1 "Are y-u --dd---, - ca- te-- -r-m t-e m---. - ---e t--se --tt-e --ue ---es." letters used: A,T,D,M,U,S,R,E,C,Y