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    CSI:Miami is cancelled.

    And now no drug addict, but giant douchenozzle.
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    CSI:Miami is cancelled.

    Let me get this straight: CSI: Miami is getting cancelled, while 2.5 Men featuring King Douche himself Ashton Kutcher gets renewed? CBS Fail.
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    So What Happened To...

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    So What Happened To...

    The Navarro Family? Wasn't it they who had the father and son both corrupt?
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    So That's TWO Times The NY CSI's Have Gotten Lucky

    Stella when her stalker (the Aresanob guy) couldn't fire the gun, and Mac in the finale. Seriously? I know it's nitpicking, but come on. :rolleyes:
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    Grade 'The 34th Floor'

    So what was Westwick's motive?
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    "Shock Waves" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    CSI returning tonight :) Bieber guest-starring :rolleyes:
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    2 Old Things That Still Bug Me

    See, I disagree. I was like "NO Flack, don't give in!" The Emperor would be proud :lol:
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    Vassey Says Goodbye To 'CSI'

    And we guys need our eye candy too :lol: This sucks :(
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    2 Old Things That Still Bug Me

    That, IMO, is only worse. Lie to a police officer? In jail. Officer lying to a suspect? Fine and dandy :scream:
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    2 Old Things That Still Bug Me

    Am I the ONLY one bugged? :confused:
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    2 Old Things That Still Bug Me

    Flack may've confessed to Mac, but that's not enough for me.
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    2 Old Things That Still Bug Me

    Clay Dobson: Mac gets cleared of EVERYTHING and gets to act all sanctimonious :rolleyes: Even more egregious: Flack facing NO legal consequences for killing Angell's killer. Like it or not, the guy was defenseless, and cops shouldn't let their emotions get the better of them. And don't even...
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    CSI: NY Moves to Friday Night at 9pm Next Season

    I like it :) 9 instead of 10 :)
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    "Neverland" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Well that was sad :(