Your opinion: Top 10 of the best CSI episodes so far?!

Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by csiMadness, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. csiMadness

    csiMadness Dead on Arrival

    Dec 2, 2007
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    I would be very interested which episodes would you vote in a Top 10 of the best CSI episodes so far [including which season it was]. I think about that since a while now, but I couldn't make my mind up yet. But which episodes would you choose?
  2. Leftyguitar

    Leftyguitar Police Officer

    Aug 8, 2006
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    I don't know if I can think of ten but here are some of my faves:

    Grave Danger
    Rashosama (sp?)
    Inside the Box
    Play with Fire
    Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye
    Gentle, Gentle (actually almost anything from seasons one and two were great.)
  3. Hottie_Cath

    Hottie_Cath Corpse

    May 15, 2005
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    The ones on top of my head are:
    Season 5- Grave Danger (great episode overall and the focus of the episode was Nick but the other team members [even the labrats] were given their share of the limelight too)
    Season 4- Jackpot (lots of science in this epi and it was awesome to see Grissom pulling off a MacGyver)
    Season 2- Stalker (creepy stalker)
    Season 2- The Finger (creepy abductor)
    Season 3- Inside the Box (great Grissom episode)
    Season 3- Lady Heather's Box (i think this one won an Emmy)
    Season 1- Blood Drops (because of its compelling storyline and Dakota Fanning was great in it)
    Season 2- Identity Crisis (love the Paul Millander twist)
    Season 6- Rashomama (more comical than the usual and it had an interesting case)
    Season 7- Law of Gravity (because Keppler's a true tragic hero)
  4. kaylyne

    kaylyne Coroner

    Jan 12, 2006
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    My top 10 favorites:
    1. 3x15 - Lady Heather's box - Lady Heather returns, Lindsey in peril, Eddie dies, Catherine cries, Cath/Sara angst. The ultimate CSI episode.

    2. 7x02 - Built to kill 2 - More brilliant Marg. Cath calls Sara, Lindsey in peril, Sam dies (piss me off!), Danny Bonaduce, and a mini crime scene.

    3. 2x07 - Caged - loved both cases. Cath & Sara working together, the autistic witness, etc

    4. 5x10 - No humans involved - a very subtle glance into Sara's past, Greg getting in the field, Cath reprimanding Warrick, Ms Piggy, etc

    5. 6x06 - Secrets & Flies - Jenny O'Hara, Gil helping Ecklie & the undersheriff, Cath & Sara together again, and "the ducks".

    6. 6x13 - Kiss Kiss Bye Bye - Faye Dunaway, Scott Wilson, Anita Gilette, the return of Mr Jensen from "formalities", Cath bringing Sam to tears, Greg's enthusiasm about Lois O'Neill, etc.

    7. 3x06 - The execution of Catherine Willows & 5x06 - What's eating Gilbert Grissom -- the blue paint serial killer. Nothing special by themselves, but a pretty decent story with the two episodes put together.

    8. 4x02 - All for our country - "it's raining man juice" (enough said!)

    9. 4x05 - Fur & Loathing - plushies & furries, Sexy Kitty, E-I-E-I-O, furpile, goofy George...

    10.2x09 - Then there were none - the return of Tammy Felton, Cath/Sara & the candy bar.
  5. ladyhunter

    ladyhunter Head of the Swing Shift

    May 5, 2006
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    OOOO here's my list
    They are in no particular order

    1. A Bullet Runs Through It pts 1. and 2. - There was a whole lot going on. It kept going and when it came down to it, was it Brass or Sofia that pulled the trigger. This espisode was excellent in terms of the pressure the CSI's are under and how they work with the police.

    2. Grave Danger Again another fantastic episode. Lots of emotions and all the attempts to find Nicky.
    There wasn't a lot of mushy drama but quality acting drama. I think the same goes for A Bullet Runs Through It

    3. GumDrops More Nicky. The story of the family getting murdered tore me up. The fact that Nicky wouldn't give up on finding the little girl says volumes on what type of person he is.
    I cried right there along with him at the end when he had to tell the girl her family was murdered.

    4. Lady Heather's Box Grissom loosing his balance. This episode had the forensics and the subltle shippyness that I enjoyed. I really liked the Cath storyline as well. You could see her internal struggle of loosing her ex and her dedication to the job. Excellent.

    5. Bodies in Motion I really liked how the opening scene is the team responding to the call.

    6. Dead Ringer My favorite scene was at the end when Vartann told Manny's wife she killed the wrong woman.

    7. Viva Las Vegas All four cases were intersting. You got to see all the CSI's relying on their personal strenghts to figure out the cases.

    8. 4x4 Same with this episode. I really like the over lapping cases and how it worked together in the whole episode.

    9.Slaves of Las Vegas The introduction of Lady Heather. Need I say more?

    10. I'll go for this sesaon and say
    a tie between Go to Hell and Cockroaches
  6. shady

    shady Hit and Run

    Nov 3, 2007
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    I haven't been a csi fan long enough to be able to say what are my fave 10 episodes but a stand out one for me is the Grave Danger.
  7. Babs

    Babs Pathologist

    Apr 17, 2006
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    1 Grave Danger
    2 Gumdrops
    3 Stalker
    4 Dead Doll
    5 Snakes
    6 Bodies in Motion
    7 Fanny Smackin
    8 4x4
    9 Bullit runs through
    10 Rashomama
  8. Miss_Undercover

    Miss_Undercover Judge

    Oct 30, 2005
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    My best of are:

    1. Grave Danger
    2. Who are you ?
    3. Stalker
    4. Overload
    5. Boom
    6. The Strip Stragler
    7. Evaluations Day
    8. Eleven Angry Jurors
    9. Bad Words
    10. Gum Drops
  9. alienor

    alienor Police Officer

    Feb 18, 2007
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    Here are my favourite episodes, the order can vary except for the first one.

    1. Jackpot (S4) : Grissom in solo, outside of the lab, in a quite hostile environment sometimes. Grissom who is present every minute, pure happiness !

    2. The Strip Strangler (S1): Grissom is called into question even sometimes by members of his team but support of the whole team at the end.

    3. Butterflied (S4) : Distressed Grissom, Cath who cares for him, she is a great friend. This episode is almost perfect.

    4. The Accused Is Entitled (S1) : the work of the team brought into question and the whole team working together.

    5. Lady Heather's Box (S3) : Grissom and Lady Heather ! the "loosing my balance" scene, The tough Lady Heather who become so sweet when she is close to Grissom ;). The strong attraction between them is so obvious.

    6. Pledging Mr Johnson (S1) : great Cath and Grissom scenes. I love them. littlesara in her post below exactly expressed why I love this episode. Cath can be a little hurtful with him sometimes, but they are great friends and they need each other.

    7. Assume nothing (S4) : great Cath and Grissom scenes, funny lines :lol:

    8. Sex, Lies and Larvae (S1) : I love the connection between Sara and Grissom, very moving.

    9. Inside The Box (S3) : the end of the hearing problem storyline is nicely handled. Cath is trying to connect with Grissom, he tries so hard to keep his problem secret...until he cannot anymore.

    10. Fur And Loathing (S4) : again we see the difference between Cath and Grissom. Cath so disgusted and Grissom so fascinated but without prejudice (as always). I love the opening of the episode too "The breadth of your social experience never ceases to impress me". :D

    Well ! in all my favourite episodes, Grissom plays a major part. I miss him :(
  10. NZGirly

    NZGirly Police Officer

    Oct 13, 2007
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    1. Lady Heathers Box (season 3)
    2. Grave Danger (season 5)
    3. Stalker (season 2)
    4. Fight Night (season 3)
    5. Fur and Loathing (season 4)
    6. I Like To Watch (season 6)
    7. Bodies in Motion (season 6)
    8. Down the Drain (season 5)
    9. Big Middle (season 5)
    10. Who Are You? (season 1)
  11. Urban Legend

    Urban Legend Captain

    Oct 16, 2006
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    Pledging Mr. Johnson *Season 1*
    Blood Drops *Season 1*
    Scuba Doobie-Doo *Season 2*
    Stalker *Season 2*
    Viva Las Vegas *Season 5*
    Snakes *Season 5*
    King Daddy *Season 5*
    Gum Drops *Season 6*
    Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye *Season 6*
    Law of Gravity *Season 7*
  12. lexxy_willows

    lexxy_willows Police Officer

    Feb 22, 2006
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    (In no particular order, except for #1)

    1. Fur & Loathing (Season 4) - This will always be my favorite episode. Why, you ask? Well, let's see: "Hellooo Sexy," "Some doofus has George," "EIEIO," "Dutch never had furballs," "I like hairy chests, but I'm not about to bop a 6 foot weasel," "You're selling expired ice-cream" .. I could go on, but I'll stop there.

    2. Chasing the Bus (Season 2) - This was the first episode I ever saw & to this day it's one of my favorites. "You've got that 'Sara look'" "You mean that 'Grissom look'?" is my favorite scene.

    3. Strip Strangler (Season 1) - Catherine saving Gil. What else is there to be said??

    4. Law of Gravity (Season 7) - Liev Schreiber is amazing. This episode was the best episode if season 7, if not season 6&7 put together. I tear up at the end every time I watch.

    5. King Baby (Season 5) - One of those semi-humorous episodes. Everyone's reaction when they find the baby room is great. Oh, and Sara & Sofia talking about boobs.

    6. Fannysmackin' (Season 7) - One of Eric Szmanda's best performances. The Greg/Sara scene ... beyond words.

    7. I-15 Murders (Season 1) - I can recite this episode almost word for word. The tension between Sara & Warrick in this episode is great. The beginning, when Grissom licks the mustard - very gross, but very Grissom.

    8. Pledging Mr. Johnson (Season 1) - I love how Grissom and Catherine use different approaches to finding the boat. And though Catherine finds it first, they both find it. This is one of those episodes that shows how different Grissom & Catherine are, and why it makes them a great team.

    9. Lady Heather's Box (Season 3) - Lady Heather. Cath!drama. Sara calling Catherine "CAT." The last scene. Madison McReynolds. Basically, this whole episode is brilliant.

    10. Inside the Box (Season 3) - I loved the whole "Gil losing his hearing" storyline. And this episode was the culmination of that. The ending scene was CSI at its finest.

    Honorable Mention: Loco Motives, Jackpot, Burked, A Night at the Movies, Shooting Stars, Butterflied
  13. Sidle_fan

    Sidle_fan Hit and Run

    Oct 7, 2007
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    1: Butterflied
    2. Nesting dolls
    3. Dead doll
    4. The case of the crossdressing carp
    5.Goodbye and goodluck
    6. Pirates of the third reich
    7. Roshomama
    8. Jackpot
    9. Strip strangler
    10. You kill me

    That´s my current faves
  14. AimeeC

    AimeeC Dead on Arrival

    Aug 21, 2007
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    1. Dead Doll
    2. Empty Eyes
    3. Rashomama(sp?)
    4. Grave Danger
    5. Butterflied
    6. Play With Fire
    7. The Finger
    8. Cool Change
    9. Nesting Dolls
    10. Fannysmackin

    I tried to choose 1 from each season and then another 2 that go into my top 10!
  15. Wojo

    Wojo Corpse

    Mar 12, 2005
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    Most of my faves involve Greg in some way.

    1.Grave Danger (S5)- the best ep because QT directed it and George Eads acted his ass off in it. Very nail biting,edge of your seat excitment.

    2.FannySmackin(S7)- Greg centric, Eric was amazing and although seeing Greg hurt was no fun I love angst. Finally having Greg get the spotlight was great.

    3.Unusual Suspect(S6)/Goodbye and good luck (S8)- Hanna was such a fun and creepy character. I enjoyed her interactions with Sara.

    4.Gum Drops (S6)- Nick in charge was nice to see, this ep was creepy but very entertaining.

    5.Rashomama (S6)- Very funny, I could not stop laughing. Another ep were Greg shines with his humor.

    6.Chasing the bus (S2)- Greg's first time in the field.

    7.Who shot Sherlock (S5)- Greg becomes a CSI.

    8.Kiss kiss bye bye (S6)- Loved the whole Lois Oneal story and Greg was so much fun in this one.

    9.A La Cart (S8)- The first time Nick & Greg had a case together, I love those two and their interactions. The go-cart case was pretty cool (didn't like the B case much)

    10.4x4 (S5)- This aired on my birthday, and seeing Greg in the shower was a nice present. This ep was different, with four cases that all connected in some way.
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