Why so amazing? :)


Fellow CSI: NY-ers,
What makes CSI: NY so amazing? The stories? The hot guys? :drool: or is it just amazing?

:) ;):lol:
The cast, the characters, NY back drop, the cases, but most of all MAC TAYLOR!
Damn, forget my answer, yours is even better! I agree completely. Mac is definitely what makes it amazing for me, though I love Adam, Flack, Sid, and Jo, and I don't mind Lindsay and Danny and Hawkes. But Mac is the main reason I watch.
I do think too the addition of Jo has given the show a real boost this season. Yeah, there's the odd bad/not so good episode, but every show has that.
Because my two favorite actors (Eddie Cahill and Carmine Giovinazzo) star in it. I like the other cast too, except for Belknap and Harper, but they are not the reason I watch. I used to really enjoy its story lines until season six came along. Now I am just sticking around to see my two favorite New Yorkers weekly :) and that's it.
I think what makes this show so amazing for me was the fact that the team is like one big family, more so than the other CSI's. I also love Melina Kanakaredes and Stella, so that was a big part of the amazingness for me. Also, just the fact that it's in NYC. I love that city so much.
For me the only thing that makes "CSI:NY" amazing is the cast. Gary, Sela, Carmine, Anna, Melina and the rest of them are just fantastic. I also loved the blue-filter in Season 1, its ashame the show lost that :(