Who Said it & Which Episode #3


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Welcome to the new "Who Said It & Which Episode" Thread! :)

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Rules Of The Game

-One member will post a quote to begin each round, preceeded by an 'X'. Other members will then try to guess which CSI: Miami character said the quote and in which episode. e.g:

X: You know, you got some trust issues.
(answer: Natalia in 'Three Way').

-Quotes should be at least 5 words long.

-If you would like to post more than one line of dialogue involving two characters, then that's fine. No more than two lines of dialogue though please. e.g:

1: Congratulations!
2: Thank you Pal.
(answer: character 1 is Calleigh, character 2 is Horatio, in 'Shock').

-The person who posted the quote will then confirm whether anyone is correct or not. If someone is correct, then that person gets to post the next quote. If no one is correct, everyone will continue to try to guess the character until we have a winner.

-The only time we will move to a new quote without the old quote being correctly guessed is if the thread remains inactive for a period of approximately 36 hours. Then the first person to happen upon the thread may post a new quote to start the game back up again.


-If you correctly guess a quote you will not be eligible to guess again for a period of 24 hours. You may, of course, still post a quote to start the next round and confirm/deny the correctness of any guesses, but you cannot participate in any following rounds for one day. This rule has been put in place in order to open the game up to as many members as possible and will be closely monitored.

-The only person who should be confirming that a guess is correct is the person who posted the quote to begin with. Even if you know that someone’s guess is correct, if you are not the person who posted the quote there’s no need for you to confirm it for them.

-One guess only per post, please. Also, please do not guess more than once until the person who posted the quote replies to state whether your earlier guess was correct or not.

-Please do not post ‘hurry up’ style messages. Members are allowed 36 hours to post a quote after being named the winner as well as to confirm/deny the correctness of any guesses made. Please be patient. Again, if the thread remains inactive for 36 hours, then the first person who happens upon the thread may post a quote.


Current quote:

"Thanks, I have a keen grasp of the obvious".
Cool, I'm first (caresses new thread...mmm)

Its Ryan from early season 3, I know that... hmm...
I'm going to say "Under the Influence"?
Yipee :D Okay, heres the next quote - "I saw you out there. Why leave something you're good at?"
Got it! It's Megan in Losing Face (S01E02, good old times!). Actually, it is one of my favourite episodes.

Yay, new thread - first round of cyber beers tonight are on me :D
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Thanks, it feels good ;). Next quote:
X: So, this is your hang-out, Speed?

I can't believe some people you get to see the finale tomorrow already ;)!
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