Who has a LiveJournal?

Hello all :D I made a new personal LJ for all my real-life clutter yesterday to keep my graphics and the fabulous details of my boring life seperate :p It's Friends Only, so comment to be added and I shall add you unless of course you come across as a crazy psycho axe murderer ;)

I'm wondering if someone can help me out here.

I'm attempting to start a new LiveJournal community, but I'm having trouble getting a banner at the top. I'm usually fairly decent with computer-type stuff, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
^ Megan, are you using a different type of layout for the community, with a custom CSS code someone else made? I had the same problem when I made mine :p
Ooh, I got it to work. I found a nice little tutorial Here, for adding a custom header to a provided LJ layout.
Just thought I'd let everyone know I have a small (well, big :p) change in my LJ accounts. iconraven is now going to be my personal LJ, and all of my graphics will be posted from now on at a community I have created called forevernevermor. Feel free to friend the community for updates on graphics :)

Also, iconraven is now friends-only, but will not effect those who have already friended me :D Icon posts from the past shall stay public.

Thanks! :D