Who do you look like?


This thing is pretty interesting. www.myheritage.com

Find your celebrity look-alike. I didn't realize I looked like Angelina Jolie :lol:

The reason I thought I'd tell everyone else to try it was because it said I looked like "Melinda Clark". :lol:

Yeah! So, do it- tell us who you look like!
I've been to this site before and I've used different pictures and the person that's always in the list is Alyson Hannigan
I just did this earlier today!! :lol: Wow Nora, you got Melinda! :lol: :p I remember most of my results from the highest percentage to lowest--

Vivian Lai
Chuck Palahniuk
Jensen Ackles :rolleyes:
Barry Williams
Jordana Brewster
Kavya Madhavan (going back to my roots ;))
Colin Farrell
Heather Locklear :rolleyes:
Natalie Wood (yeah right!! :lol:)
Trent Reznor
I've been told that I look like Anna Belknap, but she didn't show up.

I did it using differnt pictures and got:
Mandy Moore
Stacy Keibler
And this one I don't get: Adam Brody :lol:
Haha, I kept getting Angelina Jolie (I have no friggen idea why, haha) Melinda Clark, and Elisha Cubert (sp? I can't remember)

Jensen Ackles, he is so friggen' hot, lucky girl. :p
That thing is so funny; I did it awhile ago. I remember I got Anne Hathaway all the time.. I should do it again and see who else came up. :p
My first hit was Beyonce Knowless :eek:, and also says Maite Personi :confused: Ayumi Hamasaki :confused:, Alyssa Milano, Rachel Leigh Cook, Sienna Miller and Cristina Ricci.
Awwww, I got Courtney Cox <333 And Hilary Duff, and lots of Chinase/Japanese girls :)eek:) who look very good but I don't know them.
I got...

78% Rachel McAdams

and the rest...

Claire Danes, Kana(?), Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Heather Graham, Bette Davis and Catherine Bell...
Hmm.. So I got:

96% Angelina Jolie (gsrLOVE, we're twins!)
86% Norkys Batista
83% Kylie Minogue
83% Kate Beckinsale
80% Portia Derossi
80% Jennifer Lopez
80% Camilla Bell
80% Jeri Ryan
80% Priyanka Chopra
78% Bipasha Basu

It makes me feel really pretty. Espeically with Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.