What would you do if you knew the world would end in a week?

I would go to Disney World and get that big honeymoon we never had. We plan on doing it for 10 year wedding anniversary (Oct. 1, 2015). I would do that now, but it would mean cleaning out our savings and check accounts so I would have to be sure the world was coming to an end. Then get home and spend my last couple days with my dogs. I have to be with them (and my hubby, of course) at the end.
I would

-spread love
-hug strangers
-do things that make me happy
-be with the ones I love
-let them know how much I love them
-create art
-be super nice to everyone around
-stare at the clock and wish for blessings to humanity every time the hour and minute are the same digits

Even though the world isn't ending, these are the things I try to do a lot in my everyday life. It's really not much of an effort to be nice towards other earthlings :)
I would tell everyone about Jesus in the most loving way possible (which i do now, but I don't just run around telling strangers).

I would tell everyone my true feelings for them.

I would try and make my way to New York again.

I would eat as much unhealthy food as possible. :p