What was your favourite and worst moment of all seasons?


Hit and Run
This is for favourite and worst moments not episodes, becuase there are some good and some bad bits to each episode.
Mine are;

The end of 'Manhattenhenge' when they're all having dinner(except sid :().

When Sheldon found out it was Aiden who had died. :'(

Please comment! :D
My fav moments: all with Mac and Stella talking, arguing, supporting each other. Specially the catfight from Grounds for Deception. I was the happiest fan in the world that night. Melina did it :D

My non fav moments: ALL and absolutely ALL scenes with DL. No chemistry, no grace, NOTHING. Kaput!
Completely unnecessary. Not separately so it's not a matter of individual characters but the team it was created with both of them
I have lots of favorite moments! :D These are just some:
- Mac/Stella arguments especially in Officer Blue, Enough, and Grounds for Deception.
- when Mac fired Aiden. I really like her but that scene is powerful.
- Danny and Hawkes introduced Det. Angell to us :D :drool:
- when Mac celebrated his birthday with Peyton and a cupcake - awesome song!
- Snow Day - I can't pick just one from the episode :lol:
- Flack/Angell scene inside his car in Commuted Sentences
- when Adam picked up Stella's fallen eyelash on her face! :lol:
- Danny/Lindsay marriage - the song is just perfect! :D
- interrogation scene of Abraham/Klaus in Yahrzeit :eek:
- bar shooting in Pay Up/Epilogue :evil:
- dinner scene in Manhattanhenge
and many more

Worst? Maybe none. I think the first few scenes of Pay Up are perfect but I don't like it just because I don't like the idea of killing Det. Angell. :( :scream:
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Wow, geeno you have a lot of favourites. No bad moments?
Ghawazee, I agree with your favourites, but what the hell is wrong with D/L?
Wow, geeno you have a lot of favourites. No bad moments?

Yes I have lots of favorite moments. I can't just pick one maybe because I love the show and it's my favorite show ever! :D

I mentioned a bad moment - when Det. Angell died. I hate that moment. I want her to live. :(
Ghawazee, I agree with your favourites, but what the hell is wrong with D/L?

Do you have a couple of centuries?:lol::lol::lol:

and to answer with one word is: EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is wrong with DL:p

They don't look a couple, it doesn't matter how many Happy Family moments they get from the writers and how much they work to "paint" chemistry. IT FAILS

The amount of DL (S3 and S5) and the quality of DL crap (S6) didn't help me to think otherwise. Actually I have lost the only patience left in me. I want a break, I need a break and I beg for a break regarding that pairing:shifty:

Also the constant parade of new love interests for Mac and Stella and the LACK of Smacked moments didn't help me to deal any better with the Horrendous Octupus called DL:p

And i wonder how many episodes will belong to DL this season again:rolleyes: I just want spoilers clarifying in which episodes they will have their lovely soap opera story just to use wisely my remote control (Because i will use it. I don't have vocation for masochism:lol:
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Favorite moment: Snow Day!!The whole episode is just amazing!I was stunned when I first watched it:eek: :guffaw:

Worst moment:Aiden's death in Heroes.:(
all seasons? wow... erm....

i think my favourite scenes (not sure a moment counts) would be:

mac doing the doggy id parade in recycling, with aiden looking totally confused in the background - funny stuff - in fact, there is one specific moment from that scene, when the guy says "look at my dog, he's almost in tears!" and mac has the most perfect expression of WTF??? ever, it's genius :D

the little scene in the cafe at the start of what you see is what you see - mac in civvies, that whole scene is so cute <3

mac's smoking experiment in run silent run deep - o.m.f.g. *swoon* i <3 that scene, it's HOT.

oh, the entire scene where adam and stella are trying to teach mac how to flirt in a virtual world, that is a lovely scene, it's cute, it's funny, it's just great :D

there are many more but if i do them all i'll never leave!

oh but honourable mention for the first scene between mac & gillian in s5, the one on the pavement/steps, i liked that scene (actually it was more like a pair of scenes but hey) a lot, it was really nicely done.

as for worst, erm, the entirety of the season 6 finale, that was just awful.

danny and lindsay eating bugs. bug ingestion is like my biggest phobia and makes me feel horribly sick so that always gets fastforwarded

some of hawkes' little sermons. just stop!:lol::lol:
Best Moments:

I honestly haven't seen much of season 1 for a long time (bad fan, I know), and I've barely seen season 6, so this is pretty much all season 1-5

-Run Silent, Run Deep. The entire episode. Great background on Danny, great Mac/Danny, "father/son" interaction.
-The interaction between Mac and Flack in Consequences. It was nice to see them disagree for once, and for Mac to think it was entirely black and white, when Flack sees gray areas. It split Mac and Flack to the science guy and the cop for the first time.
-The Don/Sam Flack moments in Dead Inside (specifically when he confronts her in the bar, and when he plays the song through the buzzer thing-whatever, haha-to her apartment), and the moment when she's in an AA meeting, and the moment between Flack and Angell after he finds his sister at the AA meeting.
-The way Flack handles the kid in Unusual Suspects
-The Mac/Hawkes and Stella/Hawkes interaction in Grand Murder at Central Station, just because it was funny and sweet to see how them treating him like a newbie, Mac testing him and Stella trying to help him.
-Trapped, simply because it was fascinating and unique to see a CSI (specifically Danny) work with the most random resources to collect evidence and solve a case. Also, the scene when Danny asks Flack to send some pizza through the hole, and Flack says something like, "That's no way to treat good pizza" was great.
-The Mac/Flack confrontation at Nelly's (forgot his character's name, haha) house in Cuckoo's Nest, simply because it was nice to see that the effect of Jess's death on Flack wasn't forgotten, and it was the first time, I think, we saw it click for Flack that she was dead, and that he had killed the guy.
-The Stella/Lindsay confrontation in Open and Shut.
-When Flack and Stella interrogated the killer in The Lying Game. Lots of snark and great lines.
-The testimony scenes by each of the characters in ...Comes Around, especially the one by Danny (hilarious), and the discussion that Danny and Don have in the bar after that, about why they do their job when they get barely any thanks from the public, and the brass is pretty much willing to throw them to the lions to save their butts.
-The end scene of All In The Family when Danny talks Rikki out of shooting Ollie Barnes, by telling her that it was his fault, and the conversation between Danny and Don, where Don tells Danny to stop blaming himself, and Danny says, "How can I do that?"
-Yahrzeit. One of the more amazing episodes of the last couple seasons.
-The interaction between Hawkes and the prisoner in Redemptio. Even though the "sister" part was a little sketch, Hill Harper did a fantastic job, as always, of making Hawkes angry, and yet having him (believably) be able to push that aside to work with the prisoner and get out of the prison.

I feel like these are more of entire episodes than moments, and for that I apologize.

There are a lot of moments I think are bad, so I'm not going to list them, because now I really want to have a season 2/3 catch up night, haha.
the worst moment was the one i found out Melina is not coming back

the best, when i started watching the show :)
Nice two Ghawazee :)
Well obviously it's not nice Melina's leaving...
You know what I mean...

All of mine seeing as everyone is apperently doing everything
Favourite first :-
-Where Adam says "My dad was a bully", there was so much emotion and I love Adam, so it was cool
-The end of 'Manhattenhenge', it would have been first but Sid wasn't there
-Most Adam scenes where he embarasses himself in front of Mac(there's quite a few so I wont list ;))
-When Mac pulls off that guy's head and says "Don't hold me to this Lindsey, but not everything's connected"
-When Mac and Sid talk about swallowing acid and 'live' autopsies
-When Mac says "And now the son of a b*tch had him" in 'Taxi', I don't know why but I have to watch THAT line over and over again
-All Smacked moments (again there's to many to list)

Worst first:-
-When I found out Melina left
-When I found out Aiden died
-When I found out Angell died
-When you see Adam being tortured in 'Snow Day'
-When Mac reads Peyton's letter
-When you see Flack almost dead after the exlposion
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Favorites: RSRD story line and the Ruben/Rikki/Danny storyline. Carmine knocked both story lines out of the park and Jacqueline Pinol showed us what real chemistry with Carmine looks like and her acting was great.

Worsts: Reducing the Ruben/Rikki/Danny storyline to nothing more than a bump in the road for DL. A seriously tacky and disrespectful ending to a compelling and complex storyline. The DL marriage and baby storyline. The final nail in the coffin for Danny, who was once a great character.