What If ? (H/Y fic)

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    Wow! Great update Hrockz! :D Can't wait to find out if Tess is actually lying through her teeth!
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    Awesome update Hrockz! I think I'm going to send this Tess a pie...:devil:
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    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, I'll keep this going as long as time permits :)

    Horatio and Yelina arrived at PD the next morning, early. Calleigh was even earlier. She was already waiting outside Horatio's office, with a satisfied look on her face.

    "Talk to me," Horaito said as they walked up to Calleigh.

    "DNA contibution on the outside of the condom matches Tess Birkman. Contibution on the inside isn't a familial match to yours, it doesn't belong to Matt." Calleigh smiled.

    "It still doesn't prove Matt's innocence." Yelina said.

    "But, it does make Tess out to be a liar." Horatio looked at the results of the DNA analysis in the file. "Any matches on CODIS as to who the other party was?"

    Calleigh shook her head. "Tess claimed when Matt allegedly raped her, she was still a virgin, maybe we can use this to disprove what she said, make her tell the truth."

    "I'd like a go at it," Yelina said.

    "You both know you can't." Calleigh replied with an apologetic smile. "We'ver got something here, let's not spoil any chances of clearing Matt. I'll talk to her."

    "Thank you," Horatio nodded to Calleigh as she left.


    Shift was about to end, and Horatio had just returned from the field. The new crime scene was a welcome distraction from Matt's case. He made his way to Yelina's desk. Calleigh was talking to her, and from the look their faces, it seemed to be good.

    "Tess confessed to lying about Matt. She had sex with her neighbour, had a pregnancy scare and needed someone to blame. Matt was the logical choice since they were dating. We're bringing in the neighbour, he'll confess to it too." Calleigh repeated what she just told Yelina to Horatio.

    "Good news for Matt." Yelina smiled.

    "Yes, very." Horatio returned the smile.

    "Come over for dinner some time, we'd like to thank you for helping Matt," Yelina smiled at Calleigh.

    "You're welcome. Just doing my job. Eric helped. And, you'd do the same for me." Calleigh beamed a wide smile.

    "I owe you one," Horatio nodded at Calleigh. "We'd better go home tell Matt the good news."


    "I didn't know Tess was such trouble." Matt said after hearing that his name had been cleared.

    "Well not all girls are nice." Horatio smiled as he sat across his son in the boy's room.

    "I don't understand why I have to be included in this conversation." Josh said as he stretched out on the bed his father was seated on.

    "We just want you both to know... that you don't have to be in such a hurry for your first time." Yelina said, her eyes catching her younger son's. "You know what I mean."

    "We do." Matt said.

    "Good man," Horatio got up. "Time for bed gentlemen. School tomorrow. And Josh you're still grounded."

    "Figured." Josh shrugged.

    Yelina closed the door to the boys room and they made their way back to their own bedroom. Horatio hit the shower as Yelina relaxed on the bed with a book.

    Horatio's shower was soon over and he climbed into bed with his wife. She lay her head on his chest as he held her tightly in his arms.

    "We dodged a bullet there." Horatio said softly.

    "Yeah, next time we might not be so lucky."

    "So how do we stop something like that from happening again?"

    "You mean one of our kids getting into trouble?" Yelina rolled onto her front so she could look Horatio in the face.

    "I do, especially Josh."

    "If every parent knew, we'd get alot less work around here," Yelina offered a smile, "but I think we're doing a good job. Sometimes they got to learn the hard way."

    "Hmmm..." Horatio said as they fell into comfortable silence.

    "Speaking of 'first times', "Yelina smiled, "when was yours?"

    Horatio laughed. "Does it matter?"

    "I'm just... curious." Yelina laughed.

    Horatio's face turned a little red. He cleared his throat. "I was about Matt's age."

    Yelina raised her eyebrows. He continued. "It was first love, we ah, I thought she was the one I'd spend the rest of my life with." He gave an embarassed chuckle. "Her name was Nikki Morgan. I remember, her telling me after, that it wasn't like she expected it to be.

    Yelina laughed. "Don't worry you've gotten better since then."

    Horatio laughed along with her. "I hope so. What about yours?"

    "You really want to know?"

    "I told you about me, now it's your turn."

    "Would you believe me if I told you it was with you?" Yelina winked.

    "Nice try Ma'am."

    Yelina laughed again. "Ok it was senior year in high school. Hector Menendez. Safe to say compared to you, you're light years better."

    "Good to know and, you're pretty good yourself." Horatio kissed her deeply on the lips.

    "All this talk, makes me want you." He said burrying his face into her hair and smelling that intoxicating smell that never failed to send adrenaline rushing through him. He felt her lips turn into a smile as she kissed him lightly on the chest.

    "Time to show how good you really are in bed," Yelina said as she enveloped his lips with a kiss.
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    Awesome update Hrockz :D :devil:
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    I have just read this whole fic and I love it!
    Well done Hrockz, you're a brilliant writer!

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    I'm just going to say that I have spent the past 3-4 hours reading this fic and loved it! It's really hard to find H/Y fics but you've written a fantastic one. Thank you for sharing this.
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    You know what? I'll think I'll join ya, I haven't read this in ages!
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    I just read this entire fic in one sitting, and there aren't even words in my mind right now for how much it rocks! I'll see if I can pull my grey matter enough later to come up with some useful words!
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    This is a nice piece of work!!!:thumbsup: Wow, I've just read the whole thing in 2 days and now I can't even stop thinking about it!:lol:

    I absolutely loved everyone on the task-force!!! Good luk with catchin Stetler!!!

    P.S. Please don't hesistate to call if you need any new ideas on how to make him disappear!!!:devil:

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