What If ? (H/Y fic)

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    Flaming omelets! I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks Kit

    Great updates Hrockz love them!
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    drgnldy given the current state of H/Y in tvland, this fic is sorely needed even for me! So glad you guys like it as well. Otherwise I'll be like :brickwall:
    Hush my avvie is made by CSI_Kat. Kudos to her! :)

    Anyway back to the story so far.....

    Traffic on the streets was lighter than in the day, and the drive back to PD was faster than usual. Horatio pulled up into his own parking lot, thankful that the warrant was served in the wee hours of the morning. If it had been in the day, no doubt there would have been a media frenzy camped outside the building by now. He made a mental note to thank the DA on that count.

    Horatio turned to look at his son, who had been silent all the way. Horatio understood justice always had to be served but at the same time was pained as this was his own flesh and blood involved. He wasn't exactly sure if his son was innocent, perhaps it had happened as he had said, an over-eager Matt with his girlfriend who later regretted what they did. But he desperately hoped his son was telling the truth, in cases like this, experience told him the word of the girl always had more weight than the word of the alledged rapist.
    He mentally chided himself for calling his son that.

    "You hanging in there buddy?" Horatio asked, breaking the silence between father and son.

    "I guess."

    "We're going in.... Matt, you know your secrets are safe with me. If there's anything you want to tell me that you didn't want to say infront of Mom," Horatio paused, waiting for his son's reply.

    "Dad... don't you believe me?"

    Matt's question felt like an arrow to his heart and Horatio hated that he had doubted his son.

    "Well buddy, you remember why you told me to keep the fact that you had a girlfriend form your mother..."

    "Dad, I didn't sleep with Tess ok?!" Matt raised his voice slightly.

    Horatio nodded. He reached out and ruffled his eldest son's brown curls, something he had inherited from his mother which the teen hated with a passion.

    "I belive you son." Horatio paused, trying to find words to help lessen the boy's fears. "Keep your head up, and your eyes to yourself. Don't talk to anyone, not any police officer, the DA, nobody, unless I tell you to."

    "Got it." Matt said offering a slight smile.

    "Don't worry I'll be right there with you." Horatio said as they exited the car and walked into PD.

    Horatio took Matt to lockup, all the while his heart aching. He needed answers but he knew he wouldn't get any till morning. He watched as the officer on duty printed Matt and did the paperwork, then took Matt into the small holding cell. There were two other men in there. One appeared drunk and was sleeping soundly, while the other sat there staring at the floor.

    Horatio sat next to Matt on the hard, cold bench.

    "You don't need to stay here Dad, I'll be fine." Matt said.

    "It's my job to stay," Horatio smiled, "besides I want to speak to the DA once she gets in so you'll be alone then. Try get some sleep."

    Matt nodded, "Thanks Dad."

    Horatio knew his sons were at the age where they didn't like to be seen with their parents. But he was determined to be there for them, a luxury he and Raymond never had when they were that age. To his surprise Matt laid his head on his lap and closed his eyes. Somehow the boy managed to fall asleep on the hard bench, and Horatio mused that it had been years since Matt did that. His son must have been really shaken, and Horatio wanted to get him out of this as soon as he could.

    Morning came and Horatio knew it was time to speak to the DA. He shook Matt gently on the shoulder. The teen sat up.

    "I have to go, but I'll be back in abit." Horatio said.

    "I know, you have to work." Matt said.

    "My only work right now is clearing your name." Horatio looked at the other two inmates. The drunk one was still sleeping and the other had seemed to have drifted off to sleep. "I'll be right back."

    Horatio made sure the guard outside understod that he was to keep a close eye on Matt then made his way in search of the DA, Charlotte Manning. She was waiting for him outside his office.

    "Ma'am," Horatio greeted her.

    "I knew you'd come looking for me."

    "Thanks for arranaging the warrant to be served at night... My son's innocent. What evidence do you have?" Horatio placed his hands on his hips.

    "So far, only the word of the vic." Charlotte replied. "And a piece of his clothing."

    "Anyone processed her yet? Did the vic go to the hospital? Who's the vic?"

    Charlotte smiled, "So many questions Capt, you know I can't answer. You can't be involved in this case, the suspect's your son."

    "Ma'am please tell me something I don't know." Horatio bowed his head and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. His headache was still there.

    "Is it my son's girlfriend?" Horatio pressed on.

    The DA nodded. "I'm only telling you this because you've helped me so much with our cases. The vic's Tess Birkmann, says your son forced himself on her last week. She has his gym shorts which she says he left there when he ran off after the deed."

    Horaito nodded. "And she only reports this now."

    "She says she was scared. Says Matt's your son so she wasn't sure if anyone would believe her."

    "And it's too late to process her cos any physical evidence would likely have been washed off."

    "So it's really her word against your son's."

    "I'd like my team to look into this." Horatio said. "In the meantime, release Matt to me. He has no priors, both his mother and I are police officers."

    "That's up to the judge to decide, there'll be a preliminary hearing this afternoon, but the judge will likely favour you." Charlotte offered a smile to indicate she meant no harm. "I've arranged for the vic to come in later this morning. You can have Calleigh talk to her."

    "Thank you." Horatio said as he left to check on Matt at lockup.

    He noticed most of the other police officers looking at him as he made his way to Matt. Word must have travelled. He checked his watch. Yelina would be in in an hour. He wanted to spare his wife anymore agony but knew he was powerless to do so, at least not till his team got the investigation started.

    As he approached lockup, he noticed a group of officers crowded inside. A sense of forebodding came over him and he ran the last couple of steps. He pushed his way past the officers. There was Matt lying motionless on the ground, blood trickling from his nose.

    "What happened?" Horatio barked.

    "Fight broke out, your son got caught in the crossfire. I'm sorry Capt," the guard said as Horatio glared at him. He noted that the other two inmates were being restrained by the other police officers.

    Horatio knelt beside his son. First-Aid trainning told Horatio he shouldn't move his son in case he had a broken neck. Horatio took Matt's hand, it felt cold and damp. His eyes remained closed.

    "I'm sorry son.... ," Horatio turned and growled at the guard, "Paramedics?"

    "They're on their way Sir."

    Horatio stroked Matt's head, "Hang in there." Horatio sighed. He knew Yelina would never forgive him if anything untoward happened to their son. He fished his cellphone out of his pocket. Yelina had to know what had happened.
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    Ahh okay I've got the omelets and the pies! Let's go get them.

    Great update Hrockz!!
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    I'm in [​IMG]

    Thanks for the update Hrockz!
    You got me hooked :cool:
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    I loove that icon!!
    I'm in too! I have my kit ready!

    Great updates Hrockz :thumbsup:
    I'm so gald you are continuing with this fic!! :D
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    Whoe the moment has finally approached!

    *takes out bazooka*

    Let's rock 'n roll! (or should I say lock and load?)

    If Matt takes after his father, he'll be just fine. Thinkin' of it, he's a combination of Horatio & Yelina. 'Course he'll be fine!
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    A quick update :)

    Yelina received a call from Horatio just as she was on her way to work. He had been sketchy on the details, only telling her that Matt had been taken to Dade Memorial and that she should hurry there. How their son had got from being in lockup to the hospital, Yelina could only guess but she thought she might have figured out what happened.

    She had sped to the hospital and when she arrived in the ER she saw Horatio standing outside one of the trauma rooms, staring intently in. He wore a mask of concern. His look made Yelina worry even more than she already did.

    "Horatio!" she called to her husband but he stood unmoving.

    She made her way past the orderlies and nurses in the busy ER and was soon standing next to Horatio. Her hand closed round Horatio's arm. She looked in but could only see Matt's bare feet. The rest of him was hidden from view by the group of doctors and nurses attending to him. Her fifteen-year old son suddenly looked very small to her.

    "Horatio, what happened?"

    "Fight broke out between two suspects at lockup, Matt got caught in the middle." Horaito never took his eyes off their son as he replied.

    Her years in law enforcement had made her suspect that was what had happened. "I thought were with him?"

    "I did." He paused. "I did, but uh, I stepped out to talk to Charlotte Manning..."

    "You said you wouldn't leave him!" Yelina was suddenly very upset.

    "I was only gone a couple of minutes - "

    "A couple of minutes is all it takes Horatio! You know what it's like there, Matt's just a little kid."

    "Sweetheart, I'm sorry," Horatio bowed his head. He was already flooded with guilt, but hearing those words of blame the voice in his head had been telling him, coming from his wife made it worse.

    "Sorry isn't good enough. If anything happens to my son - "

    Horatio wanted to add that Matt was his son too but before he could speak a doctor dressed in scrubs emerged from the room.

    "Are you Matthew Caine's parents?"

    "Yes." Yelina was quick to answer. "How is he?"

    "He was knocked out cold. Much like being knocked out in a heavyweight boxing match, but he'll be fine. Nothing broken, just a slight concussion. He should come round soon. But to be sure we'd like to keep him overnight. We'll also order a head CT make sure we didn't miss anything."

    "Thank you." Horatio replied.

    "We're taking him to his room now. You both can come along." The doctor informed them.

    Horatio and Yelina backed up a couple of steps as the doors opened and an orderly and a nurse pushed the gurney Matt was lying on. Other than the large bruise on his right cheek, the teen looked as if he ws sleeping.

    Yelina followed behind. She noticed Horatio stood not moving.

    She turned to look at her husband who had his head cocked to one side and a grave expression on his face. He turned, heading towards the ER doors.

    "Where are you going?" Yelina called after him.

    "To fix things."

    Yelina wanted to go after Horatio, she wasn't sure what exactly he meant by those words. She was still angry with him, and decided against it, instead opting to stay with Matt.


    Horatio's hummer sped the way back to MDPD. Word had already gotten round of what had happened and a group of reporters and a news crew were milling outside the building. Horatio brushed past them, refusing to answer their prying questions. As soon as he entered the lab he was surrounded by his team.

    "We're sorry about what happened." Calleigh was the first to speak.

    Horatio nodded his thanks.

    "We're going to drop everything to work on Matt's case," Ryan said. "We are allowed to work on his case right?"

    "I appreciate your concern but, there's still work to be done." Horatio turned to his deputy. "Calleigh I'd like you to take the case. Speak to the vic, see if we can find any evidence to clear Matt's name."

    "I'll get right on it."

    "The rest of you can get back to work."

    "You sure Horatio? It's been rather quiet round here," Ryan asked.

    "Now you've gone and jinxed it," Speed grumbled.

    Eric chuckled.

    "Eric, why don't you give Calleigh a hand," Horatio said.

    "Sure H."

    "Horatio, if you need anything," Alexx said to him in private as the rest of the team left.

    "Thank you Alexx."

    The ME gave Horatio a light pat on the arm before heading back to the morgue.

    Horatio made it back to his office and collapsed into his chair. He let out a sigh as he leaned forward and burried his face into his hands. He felt as if he had failed miserably at being a father to Matt, and now that he had gotten Yelina really upset with him, that he had failed at keeping his promise to his wife as well. He wanted to do something but knew that in order for Matt to stand a good chance he had to keep his hands off the case. Miserable and inadequate. Horatio hadn't felt like that since as far as he could remember.

    The ringing of his cellphone interupted his thoughts. It was Yelina. Horatio hesitated to answer.
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    thanks for starting this story up again Hrockz

    great update
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    Awesome update Hrockz! Glad to see Matts okay.
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    I see you've finally continued the story Hrockz. :D Yay! :D Great new chapters, btw. Can't wait to see what happens next. Is Matt really a rapist? I guess we'll soon find out.
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    Real short update

    The phone rang while Horatio wondered if he should answer. He knew Yelina was probably still mad at him. He picked up the phone and flipped it open, putting it to his ear. In case Matt had taken a turn for the worse.

    "Horatio, where are you?" Yelina's voice could be heard over the line.

    "I'm in my office."

    Horatio heard an audible sigh. "How's Matt's case coming along?"

    "Calleigh and Eric are working on it."

    "Josh's principal called, he got in a fight at school again." Yelina sounded exasperated.

    "I'll go." Horatio offered.

    "Yeah, I'd rather stay with Matt." Yelina replied.

    "How is he?"

    "He's just come round, the head CT turned out clear."

    "Good." Horatio breathed a sigh of relief. "Tell Matt I'm working on his case and that I love him."

    "Aren't you coming to see him?"

    Horatio felt guilty and wasn't sure if he should go see Matt but he would make himself do so, maybe later.

    "Maybe later," he echoed his thoughts. "I'll go get Josh first."

    "Ok." Yelina's voice still sounded cold and Horatio knew she was probably still angry. She hung up without another word.

    Horatio stood up and slipped on his sunglasses. Josh had the worst possible timing for things he sighed.
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    great update Hrockz :)
    "Eric, why don't you give Calleigh a hand" <-- that just makes me laugh :D since E/C has something going on this season.
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    Love the update Hrockz. Can't wait for more
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    "Josh you couldn't have picked a worst possible time to do this," Horatio said to his younger son who was seated next to him in the Hummer.

    "The guy was calling me names." Josh shrugged.

    Horatio sighed trying to keep his temper in check. "Your mother and I are currently very busy with your brother."

    "I know." Josh stared out the window. "But he called Matt a rapist and I said I'd be one too. I had to teach him a lesson."

    "You're lucky your principal only decided on detention for you." Horatio replied gripping the wheel tightly. "People are always going to say things about you, you can't go round hitting everyone who does."

    Josh just shrugged.

    "You're grounded, for two weeks."

    Josh shrugged again. Nothing new to him.

    "Matt's in the hospital."

    "Why? I thought he was in jail?"

    "He wasn't in jail...." Horatio paused. "He got caught in the middle of a fight between some other people."

    "I thought you were staying with him?" Josh asked.

    Horatio took a breath. He didn't want to talk about it with his son. "We're going to see him now."

    "Ok." Josh said, he understood his father's tone.

    "You need to work on your impulse control."

    "I'm not the one with poor impulse control ok? You should talk to Matt!"

    Horatio frowned. "Josh, if there's something you know about your brother..."

    "I promised I wouldn't tell," Josh said.

    "Whatever you say could help him."

    "Ok. We were talking one night, he said he was thinking of sleeping with Tess Birkman... but I don't know if he did it. It was nothing, we were just talking about what it'd be like, you know, to do it."

    Didn't sound good for Matt, Horatio thought, but he'd wait for Calleigh and Eric before he jumped to any conclusions.


    "How you feeling honey?" Yelina asked Matt as he lay in the hospital bed.

    "Head kinda hurts, but I'm ok."

    "Good," Yelina smiled and kissed her son on the forehead. "You scared me there."

    "Sorry Mom."

    Yelina shook her head and smiled.

    Matt was silent for a moment. "I have to go back to lockup after I'm discharged?"

    "Your father's working on that now."

    Matt nodded. "Mom, it wasn't Dad fault."

    Yelina just lowered her gaze.

    "I'm sorry I told Dad to keep stuff from you." Matt sighed. "It's just that, Dad caught me looking in the drawer at your bedside table, I told him I was uh... I was looking for a condom, cos Tess and I were thinking about... you know. But anyway, Dad talked me out of it but he gave me a condom, just in case he said. I'm sorry Mom."

    Yelina sighed. Her son was growing up faster than she had thought, perhaps too fast. But she understood Horatio's logic in all this. But she was still angry at him for leaving Matt alone that night. He should have known better, afterall he had been a cop for so many years.

    "But we didn't do it, I swear. The condom's still in my wallet, you can check." Matt interupted his mother's thoughts.

    "I believe you honey."

    "Matt!" Josh came running into the room.

    "Hey buddy, how you feeling?" Horatio asked his son.

    "I'm ok Dad."

    Horatio nodded to Yelina, indicating they should talk outside.

    They exited the room. Horatio noted that Yelina had wrapped her arms round herself. A defensive gesture. She was still angry about what had happened. He decided against talking about them, instead talking about their son's case. It was what was preoccupying them at that moment anyway.

    "I got a call from the DA, the judge is willing to release Matt to our custody, pending the investiagtion."

    "Good." Yelina replied rather coldly. "Josh?"

    "The usual," Horatio didn't elaborate, Josh had gotten into too many fights at school.

    "I gota get back to the lab, Calleigh and Eric are working on the case."

    "You aren't staying with Matt?"

    "The boys have you," Horatio avoided her eyes, the guilt still ate at him, and he suspected staying there would annoy Yelina. She was in one of her no nonsense moods.

    "Just keep me posted on the case."

    Horatio nodded, slipped on his sunbglasses then headed for the elevators.
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    Horatio's shift ended hours ago. He had got back to PD earlier and had taken his frustration out at the MDPD gun range. Eric called to say they had a warrant to search the victim's house. Horatio wrapped up his session at the range then spent the rest of the day in his office. A good opportunity to clear the stacks of paperwork on his desk. He kept himself busy in an attempt to stop himself from dwelling on the events of the past 24 hours.

    At about eleven that night Horatio's eyes started to get blury and the headache that he had ignored for the most part of the day banged at his head with a vengence. He let out a breath and leaned his head back on his chair. He closed his eyes for a second. A knock on the door caused him to open them again.

    "I would have thought you'd have gone home to be with your family." Calleigh said, walking in and taking the chair opposite him.

    "Uh - " Horatio was at a loss for words, fortunately Calleigh wasn't expecting a reply.

    "Just wanted to tell you Tess Birkman maintains her story. But we did find a used condom under her bed. I sent it to DNA. We'll compare the contirbution on the inside to your DNA, we'll know if it belongs to Matt."

    "Thank you." Horatio said, rubbing his temple with is fingers. He checked his watch. It was close to midnight. "I really appreciate you doing this, it's been a long day, why don't you go home, get some rest."

    "I'll wait on the results of the DNA test." Calleigh said.

    "It'll take awhile. We can check on the results in the morning. The judge released Matt to Yelina and me, so there's no rush on the results."

    "Ok." Calleigh stiffled a yawn. "You should go home too."

    Horatio was once again left to himself in his office. He resumed his previous pose, leaning his head back against his chair and closing his eyes. What was he doing there? His family needed him. Horatio let out a sigh. He was turning into his father. He had tried to escape the unplesantries of domestic affairs. Unplesant as they maybe, he had to go home to face Yelina's wrath and to check on his sons. Closing the file infront of him, Horatio exited his office and headed home.


    Horatio got home expecting the house to be dark and quiet. A lone light from the kitchen told him someone was still awake. He threw his jacket onto the couch and made his way to the kitchen expecting to find one of his sons raiding the fridge.

    Yelina was sitting at the counter, a tub of ice cream in front of her. She was dressed in her pyjamas, but the slight of her still tugged at Horatio's heart. He realised he was so busy he hadn't felt that twang of longing for her in awhile.

    "Still up?" Horatio ventured.

    Yelina nodded. "Couldn't sleep. Join me?" The coldness in her voice had disappeared.

    Horatio offered a slight smile and retrieved a spoon from the drawer. He folded up his sleeves and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on his shirt in an attemmpt to get comfortable, then sat down next to his wife. He dipped his spoon into the tub and put a mouthful of refreshing ice cream into his mouth.

    "How's Matt?" Horatio asked.

    "He's still pretty shaken, not physically but.... I told him not to worry that you were working on clearing his name."

    "Calleigh, found a used condom in the vic's room. They're running the DNA."

    "Doesn't belong to Matt. He told me about why he wanted you to keep the fact he had a girlfriend from me."

    Horatio nodded. He studied the countertop, avoiding his wife's eyes. "Now you know, why I suspected he wasn't entirely truthful with us."


    "Sweetheart, I'm sorry I wasn't around when you and the boys needed me."

    Yelina shook her head and ducked her head so she could look her husband in the eyes. "I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you, I know you feel bad enough. Forgive me?"

    "You don't need to be forgiven." Horatio paused. "I'm the one who needs your forgiveness.... I'm turning out to be like my Dad -"

    Yelina placed a hand on his. "No. Don't you think that for a second. You're not."

    There was a moment's silence between them. Horatio knew his wife was right, but he had come close to running away, something his father was really good at.

    "Things will turn out fine for Matt." He said.

    "Yeah." Yelina said licked her spoon. "I think I had enough of these extra calories."

    Horatio laughed. "Time we got some rest."

    "Umm-hmmm." Yelina returned the tub of ice cream to the freezer.

    "So, we're... we're ok?" Horatio asked.

    Yelina took his hand. "We always are."

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