What If ? (H/Y fic)

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    thanks for a brill update Hrockz :)

    Lunalove congratz on becomming an aunty,the pic is so cute :)
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    Thanks for the update Hrockz. Glad to hear that H's injuries weren't too serious!

    Congrats Luna! Being an Auntie is great! I love being one! :)
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    Yay! Thanks for the update, Hrockz! :)

    Loony, your nephew is absolutely adorable. Congrats on becoming an auntie.
    "Auntie Loony", it does have a ring to it, doesn't it? :D

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    Great update Hrockz!

    Awww Loony he's so cute! Congrats on becoming an auntie! :D
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    ^Thanks everyone! I do love being an 'auntie' and as mandy said over on the H/Y board it's so nice that you can hand them back to their parents... ;)

    You're right Hush, Auntie Loony does sound great. :)

    I wonder where Hrockz have gone? I hope she's alright.
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    Hrockz , this story had me hook from the start. I can't wait to hear the rest. I hope you find the time to update it sometime. :)
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    Sorry for the really long hiatus, been wanting to update this for awhile now. Wanted to wait till the new episodes aired, but we all know they turned out to be a disappointment H/Y-wise. So maybe this will cheer everyone up abit.

    I'm fast-forwarding this story, here goes:

    Horatio descended the stairs to the kitchen, his hair still wet from his morning shower. The entire family was there as they would be, every morning.

    "Morning gentlemen," Horatio greeted his two sons, now teenagers.

    "You're way too cheerful for a Monday morning Dad," Josh grumbled, poking at his cereal.

    Yelina smiled and rolled her eyes at her husband. "Just eat up or we'll all be late."

    "Why so glum sweetheart?" Horatio ruffled his little girl's curls as she sat looking sullen at the table.

    "I suspect it's a little to do with the first day jitters." Yelina replied on her daughter's behalf.

    Horatio smiled and took his mug of steaming coffee and sat down next to little Isabella. "It's ok to be scared you know." He leaned forward so that he was eye-level with the little girl.

    "Josh says I'm chicken." she whispered.

    "Well as I recall, Josh cried all the way to school on his first day," Horatio said, winking at Isabella.

    "And when I left," Yelina added.

    "Really?" Isabella perked up a little.

    "Yeah, he did." Matt grinned.

    "Sweetheart, sometimes, some things make us scared, but what makes you brave is facing those scary things." Horatio smiled at her. "And besides, I'm taking you to school, so we have nothing to worry about do we?"

    "And you'll wait till I finish?" she asked.


    Isabella smiled at her father. "Go get your things and we'll be on our way." Horatio said as he kissed his daughter on the cheek.

    "Come on, I'll help you," Matt held out a hand which his sister took.

    "You sure you wanna take the entire day of just for her first day?" Yelina asked as the kids left the room.

    "She is my princess." Horatio smiled taking her hand.

    "I thought I was your princess," Yelina smiled.

    "You're my queen."

    "Nice save." Yelina laughed.

    "It wasn't a save." Horatio said finishing his coffee.


    Outside, both could hear the kids at the front door.

    "Guess they're ready." Yelina smiled. She grabbed her car keys, ready to drive the boys to school.

    "I'll see you tonight." Horatio said, planting a kiss on his wife's lips.

    "Ready princess?" Horatio smiled at his six year-old.

    She nodded, and Horatio took her hand and led her to the car.

    Sorry it's kinda short, I'll update again when I have the time.
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    Yay! Awesome update Hrockz!

    Yelina is Horatio's queen that's so sweet!
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    Yelina pushed open the glass door of MDPD building, ready to head out into the field. With a hand she flipped her hair back, it was going to be a hot day. The sun was glaring, so she slipped on her sunglasses, something she was sure her husband already had perched on his nose.

    The man she was briefly thinking of appeared, exiting his car and walking up the stairs towards her. She smiled surprised to see him. He returned the smile, his red hair, glowing in the bright morning sun.

    "Hey!" Horatio continued smiling as he lowered his head to remove his sunglasses.

    "Hey yourself. I thought you were going to spend the entire day with Isabella?" Yelina asked.

    "After the initial shyness when we got to school, she told me she didn't need me anymore, told me to go catch some bad guys," Horatio replied with a chuckle. "And, I got a call from the Chief, said he wanted to talk to me."

    "What about?"

    "I'll tell you once I know." Horatio, sure that nobody was paying attention to them, planted a quick kiss on Yelina's lips before ducking into the PD building.

    Yelina smiled to herself, before gathering her thoughts and heading for her car.


    The meeting with the Chief took a little longer than expected and Horatio exited the office ready to head back to the crime lab and see if his team needed any help. He wanted to share what was discussed with the Chief with Yelina, but that would wait till they got home that night.

    "H," Speed greeted his boss as Horatio entered the lab.

    "Need help with anything?"

    "You haven't heard?"

    "Heard what?"

    "Yelina - " Speed began not sure how to put it.

    "What about her?" Horatio was starting to be concerned.

    "Hostage situation. She and Eric were at this morning's crime scene, patrol didn't clear the area well enough, two of the gunmen were still in the building."

    "You mean, this morning's double homicide?" Horatio's heart skip a beat, he had heard dispatch call the crime in while he was driving to work.


    Horatio's heart was now racing. "I'm on my way."

    "I'm coming with you." Speed said as he hurried after Horatio.


    The residencial neighbourhood was swarming with MDPD police officers when Horatio and Speed got there. Horatio made his way towards the row of squad cars parked at the entrace to the house.

    "Frank, talk to me." Horatio said as he stood next to the large Texan.

    "Negotiations have come to a standstill. The gunmen are getting desperate. We're waiting on SWAT."

    "Any word on how the hostages are doing?"

    "No. But no shots were fired since we got here."

    "Yelina and Eric may not have the luxury of time." Horatio was getting concerned.

    Frank turned to Horatio. "I know you're worried but nobody's gonna let you go busting in there."

    Horatio bit his lip. He knew Frank was right but he wanted to get his wife out of harms way as soon as he could. He bowed his head and took a breath. "I have to try - " He couldn't imgaine not doing anything to at least try save her. If anything happened he couldn't live with himself.

    "SWAT are almost here, let 'em do their job." Frank continued.

    Horatio knew how volatlie hostage situations could be, and even with an attempt at rescue, things could go wrong.

    "They're here," Speed interupted. Horatio looked up to see SWAT pull up.

    "I'm going in with them." Horatio said, making his way to the SWAT team. Frank and Speed knew there was no stopping him.

    Fortunately for Horatio, the team leader was one of his old friends from his bomb squad days, and Horatio was allowed in, provided he wore a bullet-proof vest.

    After a quick briefing from the team leader, everone took up their positions and got ready to storm the house.

    Inside Yelina and Eric had been made to lie with their faces to the ground beside the two dead bodies. They couldn't see or hear what was going on outside but they both knew negotiations had failed and they were either going to be rescued soon or both get wounded or even die.

    Suddenly a loud crash at the door was heard. Help had arrived. Swat officers rushed in. Yelina lifted her head and glimpsed Horatio alongside the SWAT team. Why wasn't she surprised.

    The two gunmen were dispatched off quickly. Yelina and Eric got to their feet. Her eyes met Horatio's and they shared a relieved smile as he holstered his gun.

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement from one of the gunmen.

    "Horatio!" she yelled, but before anyone could react she heard a gun go off.

    The force of the bullet hitting him knocked Horatio off his feet and he fell to the floor. One of the SWAT officers fired his weapon killing the gunman. Yelina ran up to Horatio and knelt beside him. His eyes were closed. She held her breath.

    Horatio opened his eyes and slowly sat up. His hand moved to his chest where he had been hit.

    "Aren't you glad I made you wear the vest?" The SWAT officer standing next to Horatio said, offering him a hand and helping him to his feet.

    "I am." Yelina said, breathing a sigh of relief.

    Horatio nodded his thanks to his friend and took Yelina into his arms, holding her as tightly as he possibly could.
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    Okay I'm thinking that our task force should go in and get them! No one gets to take Yelina hostage! I'm going to go bake some pies!

    Great update Hrockz! Love it as always
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    The taskforce seems MIA at the moment :lol:

    Horatio and Yelina stood in each others' embrace for the longest time. It had been years since either had been in such a life-threatening situation in the course of work, and this time it reminded each other of the dangers of their profession.

    "You ok?" Horatio asked noticing the blood stains on Yelina's clothing.

    "Vic's blood, not mine," she said, touching a hand to his cheek. "You?"

    Horatio clutched his chest, "Kinda sore but I'm ok."

    "I hate to break up this touching scene but we've got a crime scene to process," Speed said, gesturing to the two dead bodies on the floor.

    Horatio nodded. "Eric, you ok?"

    Eric nodded.

    "Then let's get to work gentlemen." Horatio squeezed Yelina's hand and she offered a reassuring smile. Horatio turned and proceeded to retrieve his kit from the Hummer and get to work on the crime scene.


    "What did the Chief want to talk to you about?" Yelina asked that night as Horatio exited the bathroom from his shower.

    Horatio smiled. He sat down on the bed next to Yelina. "I'm gonna get that promotion."

    "They're promoting you to Captain?" Yelina asked smiling.

    Horatio nodded. "Cause for celebration, don't you think?" He lowered himself on the bed and with a hand tucked her hair behind her ear.

    Yelina laughed softly. "What do you have in mind?"

    "You know what." Horatio said nibbling at her ear.

    "Ok Captain, time to show me what you can do," Yelina laughed, kissing him hard on the lips.


    Weeks passed without event. It was another late night and Horatio was about ready to get into bed when the sound of their doorbell roused him.

    Yelina turned in their bed. "Who could that be?"

    "I hope it isn't about work." Horatio sighed. He got out of bed and pulled on an undershirt.

    He made his way downstairs and wasn't surprised to see a patrol officer at the door.

    "Sorry to bother you at such an unearthly hour Capt," the young patrol officer said.

    "No worries officer, need something?" Horatio aksed.

    "Umm actually, I'm not sure how to put this Sir..."

    "Go ahead," Horatio nodded.

    "There umm... there's a warrant out for the arrest of your son."

    Horatio blinked. He immediately thought of Josh, the thirteen-year old had made making trips to the principal's office for both parents a regular event and if Horatio had to guess, his antics and pranks may have gotten too far this time.

    "Is it Joshua?" Horatio asked.

    "No Sir, the warrant is for a Matthew Caine." The officer handed Horatio the piece of paper.

    Horatio frowned. Matt had seldom given his parents much cause for worry.

    "Given the seriousness of the offense, I have to take him in now."

    "The seriousness?" Horatio asked, his temple began to throb. "What exactly is my son charged with?"

    "Rape Sir." the officer answered timidly.

    "Rape?" Horatio was stunned. He sighed. He noticed the cuffs in the officer's hand.

    "There's no need for that...."

    "Sir, I'm sorry but the DA said, no special treatment even if he's your son."

    "Let me go get Matthew, and I promise you I'll have him at lockup within the hour."

    The officer hesitated.

    "Go ahead," Horatio nodded towards the squad car.

    "Yes Sir."

    Horatio closed the door and took a breath.

    "Who was that?" Yelina asked jolting Horatio out of his thoughts.

    Horatio handed the warrant to Yelina wordlessly.

    "What? This can't be right. He would never - "

    "Yelina, we don't know that."

    "You're doubting your son? Matt's a good boy."

    "Matt's a teenager." Horatio's head was now pounding.

    "He's innocent."

    "We don't know that."

    "Horatio?!" Yelina couldn't believe he thought their son would do such a thing. She was beginning to get angry.

    Horatio sighed. "Look, I promised to get him to lockup within the hour. Let's go talk to him before we go ok?"

    "Ok." Yelina turned and they made their way to the boys' room.
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    Sorry for the double posting, but I thought a new post would signify a new chapter...

    Yelina knocked on the door of her sons' room before entering, Horatio followed closely behind her. He flicked on the light switch.

    Josh groaned and threw the covers over his head. Matt raised a hand to try block off the light.

    "We're really sorry to wake you guys at this hour," Yelina said, noting that it was one in the morning.

    "Josh, give us aminute with your brother," Horatio said.

    "Ok. I needed a drink of water anyway." Josh threw off the covers and left the room.

    Yelina sat down on the edge of Matt's bed. The teen also sat up, unsure what this was going to be about. Horatio sat on Josh's now vaccant bed which was placed opposite his brother's.

    "Honey, is there anything you want to tell your father and I?" Yelina began.

    "About what?" Matt asked sleepily.

    "If there's anything at all, nows the time to tell us, before it's too late." Horatio said, looking straight at his son.

    Yelina didn't like his tone. He sounded like he was interrogating a suspect.

    "Too late for what?" Matt asked.

    Horatio sighed. "Matthew, we can't help you unless you tell us the truth."

    "The truth about what?" the teen looked genuinely confused.

    "Honey, there's a warrant for your arrest."

    "Huh?" Matt looked stunned. "Arrest? What for?"

    "You alledgedly raped a girl." Horatio said, his tone even. Yelina could tell he was getting upset.

    "What?! No. I'd never do that."

    Horatio's tone softened a little. "Son, I was your age once, and ummm... I know how sometimes, in the heat of things, you might misread the signals a girl's sending you... you may have thought she wanted to sleep with you when she didn't."

    Hearing those words from her husband felt surreal. The thought of her son having relations with another girl was so foreign to her.... wasn't it just yesterday she was still changing Matt's diapers? Yelina shook her head.

    "Honey, we're not saying you did - "

    "Mom, Dad stop. Come on. I didn't sleep with anyone." Matt looked a tad exasperated.

    "What about your girlfriend Tess?" Horatio asked.

    "You have a girlfriend?" Yelina asked, unsure how Horatio knew about it but she didn't. And she was the one home with the kids more than her husband.

    "I did." Matt began. "Sorry Mom, I told Dad not to tell you, yet.... but no we broke up a short while ago."

    It was Yelina's turn to be angry. It wasn't a big deal but the notion that both father and son would conspire to hide something from her made her blood boil.

    Matt continued. "I swear, I never slept with her. We made out but we never went all the way, honest! You mean she said I raped her?"

    "We don't know who the girl is yet." Horatio said.

    Yelina sighed and tried to calm herself. "Well now you need to go to PD with your father."

    "But I didn't do anything!" Matt protested.

    "No worries son. I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding, we'll have this cleared up in no time." Horatio said.

    "I have to go now?"

    "Unfortunately." Horatio stood up.

    "Go get dressed honey." Yelina gave her son a pat on the back and he grabbed his clothes and headed to the bathroom in the hallway.

    Yelina stood up facing Horatio. "He didn't do it."

    "Yeah, but what I said just now, it isn't impossible. I mean Matt could've mistook - "

    "Horatio, I believe Matt's telling the truth. Don't you?"

    Horatio sighed. He nodded rather unconvincingly.

    "There's something else you're not telling me." Yelina said, as Horatio avoided her eyes.

    "It's all probably a misunderstanding." Horatio maintained.

    Yelina nodded. The thought of her little boy in lockup was frightening. "Horatio, you know what it's like in there."

    "I'll be with him the whole time, and I'll clear this up." Horatio took his wife's hand.


    "Mom?" Matt said from the doorway, interupting his parents. He was now fifteen, but his look reminded Yelina of the time there was a thunder storm, and he was a scared seven-year old at her room door.

    "Don't be scared ok?" Yelina said taking her eldest son into her arms. "I know you didn't do it, so there's no need to worry."

    "Go wait out front, I'll be there in a minute son." Horatio said after awhile.

    He looked Yelina in the eye as Matt left. "I promise, I'll bring our boy back to you. He'll be ok. I'll call you once I have anything." Horatio hugged her.

    Yelina nodded, and sat down on Matt's bed with a sigh. She heard Horatio and Matt get into the car and them pulling out onto the road.

    Josh returned to the room. "Dad said you'd tell me what's going on."

    Yelina nodded. She had some explaining to do.
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    Very nice, Hrockz. I love that you've created a whole alternate world of beautiful H/Y life for us. Its exactly the way it should have been!
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    Thanks for the update Hrockz!
    Poor Matt, being wrongfully accused like that. (Please let it be wrongfully! :p)

    You know, I find myself rather reading your fanfic than watching the real deal, because that has become extremely painful lately. :rolleyes:

    No worries about the Task Force, I'm sensing some need for action here...

    Btw, I love your avvie :D
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    Action, action?

    Damn too late, better luck next time.

    I'm happy you found some time to update this wonderful fic. Indeed this is so much better than what we are served with on tv. Poor Yelina, Horatio & Matt. I hope he'll be cleared soon.

    btw horatioandyelina don't forget about the flaming omelets.

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