Wallpaper Thread #7

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That is too funny that we had the same idea LMH for our MaCalleigh walls. :lol: I guess great minds think alike :D

I'm so happy that you loved the H one miami85. Love your new ones. I snagged the H Waiting and the Flack one.

Interesting CarWash wallpaper Heather. I'd never seen those pics before and I've been over at Emily's site lots of times before.

That's a gorgeous H/Y Carro. I love it even though I ship H and Stella personally.

Just one new one. A different take on H and Kyle.

Feedback is love.

Take Care,
That is too funny that we had the same idea LMH for our MaCalleigh walls. I guess great minds think alike
haaa...it was actually you that had me post my first one, I thought I was the only one who thought MaCalleigh had something, and was to unsure to post it, as I had made it to go with my story, and banner/icon, I had Ceri make for me with her talent. :lol: :lol: :lol:

everyone...such lovely walls, and so much talent you all have. :)
There's so much great work in here!

I just haven't had the time to make any lately :( Maybe tomorrow...
wow guys you've been busy :D
catwarfan..loved your walls as usual
heather your walls are relly unusual, i like them
fallen...oooo love, snagged :D hope you dont mind :)
miami...just had to grab Flack (with to hands :lol:)
Carro really lovely wall
Linda another great wall :D
none at the moment from me, will get some up later..
Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!! And miami85, of course i don't mind you snagged it!!

Catwarfan: Omg, i love your Horatio wallpaper! It's great! Hope u don't mind i snagged it :D

luvingmyHoratio , nice work with the MaCalleigh one - i like it! Awesome work!

miami85, the Jonathan Togo one was lovely! Wonderful work on that one too!!

And if i've missed someone - all wp has been great this far!

Here's a new one from me with H:

Horatio wallpaper
Thanks for the feedback everyone. Of course you can snag any of mine Carro. I love your new ones Mitzi. I snagged both to add to my collection.

One new one from me. It's one of my other ships.

Take Care,
catwarfan- Amazing walls. I really like the Danny/Flack
mitzi- I never get tired of seeing Flack in a tux. Great wall of that.
miami- nice walls

A new one that didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.

Lovely wallpapers you ALL did guys. Too many to comment all. None from me at the momen. Work is been crazy at tho moment, I nearly find time for my fanfics in between work. But. but your walls cheer me up when I get back home everytime.

Huggles you all.
Great walls everyone!! Too much to do single commenting though.

One SMACK wall from me, which was done a week before the eppy actually aired. I am a prophet! ;)

Hope you like
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