Wallpaper Thread #7

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Sharon..you really got a thing for H at nite dont you :devil:
great job as always :D
Linda...another great wall from you :cool:
charolotte..fab as always :D
fallen....wow :)
heather....really unusual, great job.

heres two from me for the nite :D
sharon your granddaughter might like the one ;)
btw i love your new avvy and banner :D

LMH-nice wall. I like alot

Charlotte71-nice to see you back again & with another great wall.

Fallenthrough-another fab wall.

Heather-have never seen a wall like that but it's great. Thanks

Mitzi- Hmm what else can I say? Snagged Grissom. You knew I would didn't ya? BTW Mitzi I really do have a thing for H at night. MMMMMMM. LOL Glad u like my new avvy & banner. You have been given credit in my bio & over in the banner thread. None from me atm.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll make sure to check out that fanfic LMH. I'm a huge fan of MaCalleigh. I'm in the process of finishing a MaCalleigh/ Shor fanfic myself. I also have another MaCalleigh in the works as well.

I absolutely love that Warrick fallenthrough I had to snag that one.
That's an unusual technique Heather but I really like what you have done.

Thanks for the feedback on the H and Kyle wall everyone. I have two more this time to add to the collection.

** Special thanks to Lorelai for the Mac screencap. I hope you don't mind PAC fans.

** special credit to An Evident Gamble for the Marg pics.

Take Care,
Great walls since yesterday, so much talent you all have.

Dayna....snaggled you MaCalleigh :lol:

Okay another MaCalleigh :)

heather- interesting walls
mitzi- I love both of your walls.
catwarfan- Nice walls
LMH- Very good walls.

Here's one I'm okay with. It was more to just explore more things to do in wallpapers.

fallenthrough i love the speed wall :D

I've just made 2 more
here they are.....


I think I'm gonna call them split personality :)

You can tell I have nothing to do, thats 3 walls I've made in a day lol :lol:. MAKE THAT 4 :lol: Heres another. This ones a H one :D
Hey all! Haven't posted in a while.. unless u call a while a day :D So many great walls!! i love them ALL!!

catwarfan: :eek: omg!! i love LOVE the Horatio wallpaper!! i snagged it and made it my Desktop wallpaper :D :D :lol:
and snagged the MaCalleigh one's too :lol:

LMH- Snagged the MaCalleigh one's .. ITS AWSOME!! Keep it up!

and Heather Lewis - very intresting wallpapers .. really awsome.. keep it up *thumbs up* oh and i snagged the H one if thats ok with u :D :lol:

Meanwhile here's three from me...




hope u like them!!
Thats fine with me miami85 I'm glad you wanted to snag it :D

Here's another from me. I'm not a CaRwash fan but I couldn't resist these pics.

:lol: she stabs him :lol: I love those pics
I found them here

BTW miami85 finally got the links to work (my internet connection is crap) and I love your walls

Completly off topic but I've finally made 100 posts which means I can finally get a little piccy but I have no idea how to get one up. Can someone PM me and explain it :eek:
Hey everyone! I'd just like to say that all the wallpapers this far have been great! I love 'em all! I just made my first attempt to make a wp... It's very simple.. Well here you are:

Horatio&Yelina wp
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